Publisher Benefits of In-Page Push Notifications

Publisher benefits In-Page Push Notifications

What is an In-Page Push Notifications ad? 

In-Page Push Notifications, sometimes called Native Push, it is a type of display ad that is designed to look like a Push Notification, however unlike traditional Push Notifications, In-Page Push Notifications ads are not displayed within a website’s browser, but directly on the publisher’s site, just like banner ads. 

Let’s compare the differences between Traditional Push Notifications and In-Page Push Notifications:

Traditional versuse In-Page Push Notifications

Publisher benefits 

The In-Page Push Notifications format has many benefits for Publishers wanting to boost their revenues from display ads on their websites.

Fully responsive: Displays seamlessly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices

Totally compliant: Our Compliance team manually checks every In-Page Push Notification creative to ensure there are no misleading elements before campaigns are approved.

Great end user experience: The ad features a large close ad button, so the end user can remove the ad while viewing your site’s content. 

Your Push Notifications now get 100% reach: Because no subscription is needed in order for the end user to see the In-Page Push Notification, you can now monetize 100% of your visitors with In-Page Push Notifications.

You are in control: Decide where the In-Page Push Notifications are displayed on your website. On the horizontal Top (Default), Center, Bottom and on the vertical Right (Default), Center, Left. Additionally you can set a delay in seconds after the webpage loads before the In-Page Push Notification is shown to the end user. You can also choose between showing 1 or 2 In-Page Push Notifications and set the timing in seconds of when to show the second In-Page Push Notification after the first ad has been displayed on the webpage to the end user, the end user will not see the second ad until they have closed the first ad. Test the positions and timings to see which bring you the best engagement and highest revenues. Be careful with user experience

Generate more revenues from each site visitor: Because you can show two In-Page Push Notifications ads to an end user on one page, you have the chance of doubling your revenues for your In-Page Push Notifications ad zone per end user.

Prevent banner blindness: Because of In-Page Push Notification’s design, being slightly curved at the edges and featuring an image on the left and text on the right, it really stands out to the end user in comparison to banner ads. This brings a much higher CTR and avoids banner blindness.

Qualified clicks: Because the user is aware it is an ad, this increases the value of the ad zone as it will bring high quality clicks only, ensuring advertisers get better quality conversions because the end user who clicks the ad is interested in the offer. This increases the value of your ad zone bringing higher eCPMs.

Check out our Tutorial: How to set up an In-Page Push Notification ad zone

Giles Hirst