ExoClick’s ad creative making service for Online Games offers 

Ad creative making service for online games

According to Statista, in 2020, the global online gaming market generated approximately 21.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenues and the number of users is expected to rise to 1.3 billion users by 2026. ExoClick recently released its free to download Ultimate Guide to Online Games Offers to help advertisers maximize their ROI for Online Games offers using ExoClick’s traffic sources and large range of ad formats. The Guide also includes useful business intelligence information and creative tips to help your offers convert.

If you are promoting Games offers but don’t have ad creatives ExoClick can create them for you, so you can get your campaigns up and running. To qualify for ExoClick’s free ad creative making service you will need to commit to set up a test ad campaign spending $50 or 50€ a day for 7 days for each ad format requested. Now let’s look at the formats we can create for you:

Video Ads for your online games offer

 In-Stream video: The ad is shown to the viewer right before they watch a video on a publisher’s site. This format features a skip ad button, allowing the end user to close the ad after 5 seconds, which creates the opportunity to make a big impact during the first 5 seconds.

Outstream video: Triggered wherever the publisher has placed the ad zone on their site, it becomes part of the user journey. Think of this format as a display ad that is video.

Video Slider: The ad slides in on the bottom right of the screen as a publisher’s site opens, catching the end user’s attention.

Video formats work very well for online games offers because a video can really showcase a games product in a video and show the experience of the user playing the game. Check out the average global CTRs of video ads.

Ad Format video for online games offers

What you get: We provide a MP4 file with embedded texts, with the correct weight and tech specifications to get you started with In-Stream, Outstream and Slider.

Fullpage Interstitials: rich media formats

Fullpage Interstitials are large full page responsive Ads that appear over a publisher’s site and cover the whole screen. They are very eye-catching, and have a high CTR. They display on desktop and tablet horizontally and on mobile vertically. Mobile users are used to seeing full page images and social media videos vertically, which makes the Mobile Fullpage Interstitial is a great format for targeting your Game offer at mobile users. FPIs are rich media ads, which means that you can use a static image or MP4 video. The ad is triggered in between a page load and shown to the visitor as part of their user journey within the site.

Fullpage Interstitials or FPIs for online games offersWhat you get: We provide a static image or an MP4 file with embedded texts.

Promote online games with Native ads & Responsive Display Ads

Native ads are designed to look exactly like the content of a website they are being placed on. They consist of an image which will appear like a content thumbnail e.g. like a video screenshot, article or editorial, a short title for a catchy headline, a short description to expand on your catchy title, and lastly, a Brand name to ensure quality clicks, making it known to the end user that it is an ad. Remember, with native formats, having compelling texts related to your image will really help drive clicks.

Native and RDA ads for video gamesResponsive Display Ads or RDAs can be targeted through native campaigns too. RDAs use native creative to automatically adapt size, format and appearance to fit any standard IAB Banner display ad placement, 160×600 ,300×100, 300×250, 300×500, 728×90, 900×250.

All you need is an image, title, description and Brand name, once uploaded, ExoClick’s system automatically creates the above different banner sizes for you to launch banner campaigns. Having several different banner sizes gives you a much broader reach as all banner inventory sizes are available to you.

RDA ads for video games offersWhat you get: A static image for your Native ad & Responsive Display Ads.

Push Notifications and In-Page Push Notifications

Push Notifications consist of an image on the left and a Title and Description on the right. The user clicks on the Push Notification ad and is taken to the advertisers landing page. There are two kinds:

Traditional Push Notifications: Sites’ visitors are offered the opt-in option of receiving Push Notifications with online games offers. Visitors that opt-in become subscribers, making them a very high quality traffic source because they have agreed to receive Push Notifications from the publisher’s advertisers, not available on iOS.

In-Page Push Notifications: A website’s users do not have to opt-in to see the ad, because it is really a display ad that is designed to look exactly like a Push Notification. The ad fades in over the publisher site’s content, making it really eye-catching to end users. In-Page Push Notifications are displayed to all visitors and not just users who previously opted-in to subscribe to see Push Notifications, offering a much greater reach. Available on all operating systems including iOS.

Push Notifications advertisings online for video games

What you get: A static image or icon for your In-Page or Traditional Push Notification’s thumbnail.

Don’t forget for Native, Push Notifications and In-Page Push Notifications you can use Dynamic Tokens & Emojis within your texts to further engage the end user.

Please note: Ad creatives are only available for Games offers and we will probably need some assets from you in order to design your ad creatives.

Please contact your ExoClick account manager or a Customer Success specialist here for more information about our free ad creative making service for Games offers.

Anna Quiroga