Image Site Publisher Case studies: Fullpage Interstitial

Fullpage Interstitial ad format for Publishers

If you are a publisher who does not show video content, but static image content such as free cartoon sites, gallery sites, the Fullpage Interstitial ad format is a great way to increase your revenues. In this blog post we will explain what the Fullpage Interstitial is and how it works, the benefits of the ad format and 4 publisher case studies from static image only content websites on how they significantly improved their revenues.

What is a Fullpage Interstitial?

  • Large format that takes up the full screen of the device the user is using to view your website.
  • Displays for desktop on the horizontal 1600x900px and mobile on the vertical 900x1600px & fully responsive on tablet in vertical and horizontal formats.
  • Publisher programmable triggers to serve during user navigation of your website for a great user experience
  • The advertiser can use a static image (jpeg or png) ,with a gif or a video MP4 as their creative.

Benefits of the Fullpage Interstitial

  • Ad format is Google and Better Ads Coalition compliant because it features a ‘Close ad’ option at the top right of the ad.
  • Great alternative to the Popunder as Chrome sometimes blocks that ad format, so you can still monetize a large format ad zone with the Fullpage Interstitial. Or use Popunders on other browsers and Fullpage Interstitial on Chrome.
  • ExoClick limits the weight of creatives at 300Kb for jpg, png, gif and 1.5 Mb for video ads, for fast load times on your website ensuring a good Google ranking.
  • The FPIs have great trigger options on how the format is shown to the end user along with frequency capping settings, so the ads allow for a non-intrusive user journey on your website and allowing you to show the Full Page Interstitial ad again to the same user after a set amount to increase revenue opportunities from the format.
  • The format is available to bid on via CPM and CPC and demand for the format from advertisers is high.
  • The format is ideal for advertisers with MP4 creatives which are great for converting Games offers, Dating, VoD to your users. And entertaining video content looks great on your site for your end users.

4 Publisher Case Studies

4 static image content site publishers created FPI ad zones on both the desktop and mobile versions of their sites. They were introduced on 1st May and we evaluated the impact on revenue on 1st June. We looked at the additional revenue increase percentages compared to the site revenues without the FPI.


All sites significantly increased their revenues, with Publisher 2 adding a massive +26.82% on desktop and a massive +41.39% on mobile.

Looking in a bit more detail at CTRs for the FPI for Publisher 2, the high CTR on the Publishers top 5 GEOs that the FPI achieves is helping to attract advertisers to bid for this high performing ad zone:


Fullpage interstitial ad

Tips for Fullpage Interstitials

Optimum user experience: Publishers have to find the perfect balance between content and ad zones. Too many ad zones provides a poor user experience and the site receives poor quality traffic. Too many ad zones leads to ‘banner blindness’ bringing less clicks leading to low CTRs and lower bid prices from advertisers. Replacing some banner ad zones with the Fullpage Interstitial will bring good revenues and provide a clean browsing experience for your end user.

Introduce Video advertising: Many hentai sites just feature static images, therefore it is difficult to monetize video advertising, there are options with Outstream and Video Slider ads, but Fullpage Interstitials can also host MP4 ad creatives, additionally because on mobile the FPI is viewed on the horizontal, this is similar to a Tik Tok or Instagram Reel, providing additional entertainment for your end users.

Give it time: Don’t expect instant high eCPMs from when you first introduce the FPI, the publisher in our case study gradually increased the eCPM over time, because advertisers need to test your FPI traffic first. FPIs do bring higher CTRs, and once advertisers see this they will start bidding higher prices for your FPI ad zone pushing up your eCPM as they compete for your high converting zone.

Popunder & Fullpage Interstitial combinations: Sometimes Chrome blocks Popunders and ExoClick’s admin panel gives publishers lots of flexibility with various trigger options for the Fullpage Interstitial to use in combination with the Popunder ad format. Check out this article for 4 revenue boosting combinations you can try.

Giles Hirst