Advertisers! Admin Panel v2 overview

All ExoClick clients have had access to the Beta version of ExoClick’s v2 Admin Panel for a few months now in order to try and test it out. In the meantime we have been fine tuning the platform to ensure that it brings our clients the best ExoClick experience. Now v2 is the default Admin Panel and it is fully responsive and works on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

If you haven’t been using the Beta version until now, here is an overview of some of the key features.


New Dashboard

The new dashboard includes high level data, quick view trend charts and tables.

Select stats for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month.

Features graphs pulling data from the top 10 campaigns that have changed in spend, impressions and clicks. Tables below the graphs allow you to click on the campaign to take immediate action.


New toggle columns

Toggle columns are now grouped and include many more features. All features are selectable with additional toggle on/off action.

Under Campaigns List:

  • Columns – New additional filters: Bidder, Variations, Max Daily Budget, Pricing Model, Frequency Capping, Type, Start Date, End Date
  • New Video stats (can be switched on or off) – Video Impressions, Views, Views Ratio, CPV
  • Reorganised Goals stats (can be switched on or off) – G1 eCPA1, G2, eCPA2, etc.


Campaign Statistics


You can change the statistics time zone by clicking on your Statistics tab and selecting the Hour tab. At the bottom right under the graph on this tab using the drop down menu you can set the timezone for your data based by country.



You can select which statistics to show in your list:

  • Columns – Date, Impressions, Clicks, CPM, Costs, CTR, CPC
  • New Video stats (can be switched on or off) – Video Impressions, Views, Views Ration, CPV
  • Goals (can be switched on or off) – G1 eCPA1, G2, eCPA2, etc.
  • Real Time Bidding Stats (can be switched on or off) – Queries, Success, Wins, No Bid, Timeouts, Errors, Avg. CPM, Avg. Time, Win Ratio, Resp.Ratio, Timeouts Ratio, Errors Ratio, No Bid Ratio. Please note: these metrics are for RTB accounts only



Now you can use a mix of tabs and drill-down menus to give you more detailed filtering (multi-filtering) for better cross-referencing.



Allows you to filter by predefined values, highlight dates in blue for customised date statistics.


More Advertiser features

Bulk Actions for Advertisers

Now featured in a blue pop up so it is always visible once you select the campaigns with the blue check boxes.

New filtering / Search

Campaign List: new filter options, filter by status (active/paused/archived). Search by ad formats, ID, keyword in title, etc.

Campaign creation: General Details

Toggle switches for Category targeting, add variations, new useful summary sidebar. Select variations directly from your Asset Library, advanced targeting integrated with targeting featuring expandable selection menus. Pricing features have a new design and Site & Zones targeting also has a new look and feel.

The Bidder and Automatic Optimisation Tools

Campaign set up now features inline Bidder editing and don’t forget to incorporate our Automatic Optimisation tools in your campaigns to improve ROI and boost your conversions, visit our Automation Tools page for more info.

Landing Pages & Offers editing

Not only you can update Single Landing Pages but also create Offers and add multiple Landing Pages to those Offers. New option: Ad Destination which allows you to update the Landing Page of all your selected campaigns.


As you can see the new Admin Panel is packed full of features! Please note: You can still switch back to the old version of the Admin Panel for a limited time, but why not start using V2 now to learn all of its great new features!  And if you require further assistance regarding the new Admin panel, please contact your account manager or our Customer Success team here.


For a more detailed Advertiser overview click here.

Giles Hirst