Members Area Publishers! In Content Native ad zones explained

In Profile Native ads

A Native ad contains an image, a Title (max 50 characters) a Description (max 90 characters) and also a Brand name (max 30 characters). It is designed to appear like the content of the website it is being displayed on. ExoClick has been working with selected Dating Members Area Publishers on a new Native ad zone concept: In Content Native, where a Native ad that appears like a dating profile, is displayed within the profiles of your dating profile pages:

In Content Native

Here are 4 great reasons why you should integrate In Content Native ad zones on your site:

#1 Increase your revenues: It’s an innovative way to monetize your profile display pages with the inclusion of one or two Native ads that are designed to look like profiles. These are great ad placements for advertisers looking to monetize Dating, Live Streaming and VoD offers. The advertiser’s Native ad creative should feature an image of the face of a person, similar to a dating profile image and similar texts, for example, here’s what a LiveCam ad could be displayed as:

In Content Native example

#2 Great for user experience: Unlike animated gif banners or distracting display ads of different sizes on a page, Native ads are designed to look like the content of a website, so a native ad is not disruptive to an end user’s browsing experience.

#3 Your users know it’s an ad: The Brand name labels the Native ad as an ad! So end users know it is an ad and not a profile, this ensures that advertisers will only get qualified clicks. Qualified clicks bring greater value to advertisers, because the end users click because they have shown a genuine interest in the ad.

#4 Quick, and easy customisation: Fully customizable ad format allowing you to control exactly how the Native ad zone is displayed. This allows you to get it to fit in exactly with the look and feel of your website and it’s super easy. For example maybe you display your dating site member profiles with the text over their profile image, or the text box is displayed with a background opacity. ExoClick’ Native ad zones can be quickly and easily customized using CSS. Check out our tutorial 10 Native ad zone custom CSS ideas for Publishers. And of course your ExoClick account manager can help you fine tune the ad zones however you would like. 

Contact your Publisher Account Manager to find out how you can get the full potential out of In Content Native ad zones on your Members Area website.

Giles Hirst