How to maximize your Members Area ad revenues with ExoClick

How to maximize your Members Area ad zone revenues with ExoClick

Are you a Members Area site Publisher looking to maximize your ad revenues? Then look no further! By joining ExoClick, you will gain access to a global network of verified Advertisers as well as exclusive Members Area zones, giving greater opportunities to maximize your website’s ad revenue. You will also gain full control of your ad space, the ability to optimize your zones with our wide range of features including Sub IDs, Ad refresh, Async, and Programmatic tools. We make sure that all ads are compliant to the IAB Standards thanks to our dedicated compliance team who will ensure high quality and Google compliant ads on your website. Read this article to learn more about platform functionalities and features and expert optimization tips to help you maximize your Members Area ad revenues!

Why use ExoClick to monetize your ad zones?

User penetration for the Dating Vertical, which measures the percentage of the population using online dating services, is projected to increase from 13.6% in 2024 to 15.2% by 2028. Which means that Dating is a highly profitable Vertical! When you ask yourself “what is the best Members Area ad network for Publishers?” we believe ExoClick is as it has a large number of Advertisers looking to promote Dating offers on Members Area websites, increasing your revenue potential, helping you monetize your ad zones more effectively. Other reasons why you should monetize your Members Area site with ExoClick include:

  • Great Publisher optimization tools: ExoClick offers a range of powerful tools to optimize your ad zones as a Publisher. With features like our Customizable Dashboards, you can easily view and analyze your data in order to optimize your campaigns. Take advantage of other features like, Sub IDs, AdRefresh, Async Tags, Programmatic Advertising, Frequency Capping and AdBlock. You also have the flexibility to choose the density of your zones across your pages, and set the size of your ad zones.
  • Secure and varied Publisher payment methods to suit your needs: Choose your payment timescales and payout methods through the ExoClick platform, including options like Cryptocurrency, Paxum, and Wiretransfer. Get paid monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly depending on your chosen payout method.
  • Compliance team at the service of your website safety: Our dedicated compliance team thoroughly checks all Advertiser campaigns to ensure adherence to Industry Standards and IAB guidelines. Ads displayed on all ad zones are regularly monitored before, during, and after each campaign using automated tools like AdSecure to detect and prevent malvertising or suspicious activity.
  • You’re in full control of what goes on your ad zones: By monetizing your Members Area zones with ExoClick you gain full control over the ads shown to your audience. Meaning that you can cater to their interests specifically by enabling Verticals that are relevant to your site. You can also block any Verticals you do not want to show to your audience or those that are underperforming. You also have customization tools for formats such as Native ads so that they match your website’s theme, design and typography, amongst others.

Ad Formats that Publishers can monetize with ExoClick

ExoClick offers Members Area specific ad formats that are high performing, ensuring qualified clicks for you Advertisers helping you to maximize your Members Area ad revenues. Here are some of the top ad formats for Member Area:

Menu Tabs: Menu Tabs are placed in your Members Area website’s navigation menu and are monetized with Direct Links, taking the end user directly to the Advertiser offer’s landing. These tabs also open in a new window, ensuring a seamless user experience. Because signed up daters are actively engaged with the content, they are more likely to click and generate conversions. All Tabs on the ExoClick’s network are labeled with a contextual Vertical (Dating, Live Streaming, Games), allowing only one product category to match the Tab’s labeled text to an Advertiser’s offer. For example, the Tab ‘Dating’ only allows dating advertising offers. This way you can control the type of offers that are sent to the Tab, ensuring once again a great experience. Bidding is CPC.

Native: Native ads match the form and function of your website’s content. They contain an image, a title (max 50 characters) a description (max 90 characters) and also a brand name (max 30 characters). Publishers can create the ad zones to fit in with the look and feel of their site’s content. For Publishers, Native enhances their advertising revenues in a non-invasive way by seamlessly blending with the website content. This prevents ad blindness increasing awareness without interrupting or disturbing the user experience. By advertising Native in your Members Area site you access two Native formats (In Content Native ads) that are exclusive to your site type: In profile Native ads and Native Inbox ads. In profile Native ads appear mixed in within the profile selection pages and are designed to resemble a Dating profile, seamlessly blending in with the content. Inbox Message ads appear as the top message in the user’s message inbox and clicking on it leads to your offer’s landing page. Both need to be properly labeled as ads to ensure transparency and avoid misleading the end users. Bidding is CPC or CPM.

Email Clicks: Email Clicks traffic refers to the traffic generated from emails sent to users who have subscribed to the Publisher’s website. It offers multiple benefits for Publishers, including increased and diversified income by monetizing their subscriber base, reducing dependency on a single channel, and maintaining and improving engagement with their audience. This in turn attracts more Advertisers, making the ad zones more competitive. Bidding is CPC.

Back button offers (BBO): BBO ads allow end users to click the back button on a Publisher’s site and be directed to the Advertiser’s landing page in a new tab. This creates an uninterrupted experience as the end user can return and continue browsing where they left off on the Publisher’s site. Triggers can also be set by the Publisher in the Member Area to ensure a seamless experience for users. Bidding is CPC, and Publishers have control and flexibility over its implementation.

Banners: Display Banners are a classic format in online advertising, they are available in many sizes including; 300×100, 300×250, 300×500, 728×90, 160×600, 900×250. Bidding is CPM or CPC. There are a multitude of Banner formats including Display Banners, Sticky banners and Large Footers. Also, by enabling Banner zones on your website you can also allow your Advertisers to access Multi-Format Ads, an ideal format to attract Advertisers towards your ad zones!

Fullpage interstitial: FPIs are a large format ad that takes up the full screen of the device the user is using to view your website. It displays for desktop on the horizontal 1600x900px and mobile on the vertical 900x1600px & fully responsive on tablet in vertical and horizontal formats. PFIs have programmable triggers to serve during user navigation of your website for a great user experience. Static images (jpeg or png), gifs or video MP4s can be picked as creatives, making it more appealing to Advertisers. This format is also Google compliant as it features a “Close ad” option at the top right of the ad. It is also a great alternative to Popunder ads since they are not blocked by Chrome. Bidding is CPM or CPC. Read this Publisher Case Study to learn more benefits of the FPI format.

ExoClick features for Members Area Publishers

ExoClick offers a comprehensive range of features and services for Members Area Publishers designed to enhance your advertising experience. If you are wondering, why use ExoClick to monetize your ad zones? Here are some of the top features you can avail of with ExoClick.

Customizable Dashboards: Your personal dashboard is customizable letting you decide the key information you want to track and display. This is great for Publishers as it saves time and allows you to access the most important information to you quickly. You can have several dashboards with different widget types, including Table Setting, Line Chart, Bar chart, Combo Chart and Pie Chart. You can also use additional filters to customize your data such as Ad Block, Browsers, Carriers, Categories, Countries and more.

SubIDs: A Sub ID is a string of numeric characters or custom tags generated at the end of a redirect URL. For a Publisher monetizing with ExoClick, you can enable Sub IDs to segment/differentiate traffic and identify these sections in your Admin Panel to gain further insights on the value of your zones. This is specifically useful for Email Clicks zones: Check out how to apply SubIDs to your Email Clicks for more information.

Ad Refresh: Allows Publishers to refresh ad content on various Banner ad zones, including RDAs, on their website, in order to serve not one, but several ads per user, per session. This feature optimizes viewability and boosts revenue by refreshing the visible ad zones on a user’s screen in real-time. It increases the potential for clicks and maximizes earnings by displaying multiple ads during a single user session. Ad Refresh keeps users engaged, attracts more bids for ad zones, prevents ad fatigue, and follows Google’s best practices and IAB Standards for compliance and optimization.

Asynchronous Tags: Have you made sure that your site codes are up-to-date and contain Async tags and the latest version of iFrame? If you run on unoptimized code it will affect your site performance and you will not be able to enable RDAs. Which are key to increase eCPMs and attract more Advertisers to your ad zones! Async and the new iFrame tags also improve the performance of your site and ad zones, ensuring that ads load simultaneously with other content on the page, resulting in improved performance, especially on well-optimized sites. With Async tags, Publishers can request multiple ad zones on the same page with just one request, increasing efficiency and ultimately enhancing performance and revenue. The provided script also allows Publishers to avoid using outdated JavaScript features if desired.

Programmatic advertising and RTB: Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool that leverages user data to deliver personalized ads, increasing the chances of user engagement. By understanding and learning user interests, programmatic advertising enhances the overall user experience by presenting offers that align with their preferences. This approach not only benefits users but also Publishers, as it allows them to receive real-time bids RTB for ad space, maximizing their revenue potential by selling to the highest bidder. Ultimately, this leads to higher engagement with the end user and a better understanding of their genuine interests.

Adblock: The Adblock Traffic Monetization tool provides a clear answer on how to beat ad blockers on Banners, Sticky Banners, Native and Instant Message, meaning that you can recover revenues for ad formats that can be sensitive to ad blockers in certain browsers. This solution’s script has been developed to be compatible with multiple ad blockers, and it works on all browsers, and on all platforms and devices, with easy integrations.

Conclusion: What is the best Members Area ad network for Publishers?

ExoClick is a great choice for Publishers looking to monetize and increase their advertising revenue because of the large Network of Advertisers, high performing ad formats, ExoClick’s features for Members Area Publishers and compliance strategies. So why not try ExoClick for yourself? Contact us to see how we can help you today or chat with our Customer Success Team for more information on how ExoClick can increase your revenue on your Members Area site today!

Alice Naughton