Meet the HR team: What is it like to work in Ad Tech?

What is it like to work in Ad Tech?

Human resources (HR) is a very important department in every industry. In part one we met some of our wonderful HR team members and learned about how ExoClick’s HR Department takes care of our amazing team, supporting new joiners, and throughout their career within the company. ExoClick is a multicultural environment with team members from across the globe meaning that the HR Department is crucial to promoting a positive and inclusive company culture and work environment but what is it like to work in Ad Tech? To better understand this question, let’s first look at an Ad Tech company with a strong company culture.

An Ad Tech company with a strong company culture

ExoClick is an Ad Tech company with a strong company culture, thanks to the hard work of the HR department which prioritizes easy access to information for staff, including upcoming holidays, hours worked, and other positive news. Additionally, the team is approachable and happy to take all types of feedback whether its improvements in the office to queries about potential benefits. So, Let’s talk to Fran, the Director of the HR department, and Júlia Roselló who works in HR Administration here at ExoClick to get their perspective on what is it like to work in Ad Tech, the strong company culture at ExoClick and how to maintain a positive work environment.

Fran ​​Fernández – HR Director

Q1. Hello Fran, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. You started in Admin with the HR team here at ExoClick and worked your way up to the HR Director. Can you tell us about your career journey with ExoClick?

I started at ExoClick in 2016 when we had around 60 employees in the office and a 3-person HR team. I was the first person responsible for handling admin and payroll tasks. Staying up to date at that time was easy due to the meticulous documentation and organization of everything. As time went on, I became more involved in various areas of the department beyond just payroll and admin, which boosted my confidence in my work. I eventually became the go-to person for day-to-day tasks among my colleagues. Five years later, we experienced growth in our team. I was promoted to Head of Payroll and Labour Relations, overseeing these tasks for the entire group, which includes locations like Dublin, Porto, Tarragona, Buenos Aires, Valencia, and Madrid. Two years after that, I was promoted to Director of HR.

Q2. How do you ensure and maintain a healthy work environment?

As humans, we are constantly evolving, and as a result, our company’s benefits and policies must evolve accordingly. When we consider how to maintain a positive work environment we must remember the most valuable input comes directly from our people. We have various channels and processes in place to gather this feedback, including regular followup meetings with employees and their managers, as well as employee surveys twice a year. Understanding the needs, preferences, and suggestions of our colleagues is crucial to creating a better workplace. In addition to this, we provide an extensive list of benefits and perks to promote a healthy environment, such as flexitime, summer work hours, and hybrid work options.

Q3. What do you think is the core aspect of your job?

Taking care of our employees is our top priority. We work with each department individually to address their unique needs. We implement initiatives aligned with our organizational goals and continuously strive to improve our staff’s well-being. Our focus is on employee well-being in order to create a better working environment for all!

Q4. How does your HR team handle employee onboarding and offboarding processes?

We prioritize potential employees, keep them informed, and provide feedback. New hires go through a structured onboarding process, including meetings with HR and introducing new staff to each of the Department Heads and of course, we provide training so that all new staff can excel and are comfortable in their roles. All these elements help new staff members understand the company structure and receive the best training from day one.

After onboarding, we support departing employees with an offboarding process, including an exit interview to gather feedback. This helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to continuously improve the work environment for our team.

Q5. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their career in HR?

HR is a diverse field with a wide range of roles, making it an excellent career choice. It involves continuous learning and offers opportunities to engage in cross-functional projects, especially when working for an organization with a strong company culture like ExoClick. HR professionals must be open to learning and adept at tasks such as ensuring labor compliance, managing compensation and benefits, and fostering a healthy work environment and company culture. This role provides a lot of opportunities to interact with people, support their professional growth, and help them thrive. To excel in HR, it is crucial to align with the company’s values, mission, and vision, as this will make you a successful company ambassador and a valuable support for your colleagues.


Júlia- HR Administrator

Q1. Hi Júlia, thank you for letting us have an insight into your role and life here at ExoClick. You are working in administration in our HR department, can you walk us through what is it like to work in Ad Tech?

As an HR Administrator at ExoClick, I start my day reviewing absences and medical leave. I also create profiles for new team members and manage benefits like health insurance, flexible compensation, and travel policies. My job is diverse and engaging, with a wide range of daily tasks.

Q2. It sounds like the role of an HR Administrator involves a lot of different hats! How does your HR team maintain a positive work environment at ExoClick?

  • Creating a positive work environment: This is a top priority for us at ExoClick. We achieve this through work benefits, organizing events, offering training opportunities, and maintaining an open and inclusive team environment where everyone feels valued and supported.
  • Conducting quarterly feedback evaluations: We focus on employee satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with colleagues. Given the close-knit nature of our team at ExoClick, it is essential to us that everyone feels comfortable and respected in their role.
  • Improvements: We encourage our staff to share any suggestions for improvement or software enhancements that could enhance their work experience.
  • Develop strategies: We uphold our positive work environment, implement new initiatives, and address any concerns raised by employees.

By actively listening to our team members we learn how to maintain a positive work environment and taking proactive steps we create a supportive work environment while maintaining the strong company culture at ExoClick.

Q3. Can you discuss any recent successes your HR team has achieved?

We have experienced success with the events we have organized! We hosted a pizza night, board games night, and a party to celebrate the start of summer. You can view all of the community-focused events we have held on the ExoClick Instagram. Recently, we have been introducing collective activities that employees can participate in during lunch or after work. 

Q4. What are some of your favorite benefits of working at ExoClick?

I thoroughly enjoy working here at ExoClick. We have a fantastic team of professionals who are always open to sharing their experiences. We also have the option to attend training sessions to enhance our knowledge of the Ad Tech industry, and our company is very supportive if we choose to further our education. On a practical level, I find the gym allowance to be a great benefit. The free monthly massage is excellent and subsidized lunches from Nora.

Conclusion: What is it like to work in Ad Tech?

Now you know a bit more about our Human Resources department, how to maintain a positive work environment, and what is it like to work in Ad Tech. Maybe you’re looking to pursue a career in HR, Data Analytics, or any other roles within the tech sector, in an organization with a strong company culture and positive work environment? Check out our Careers Page to find out more about our available positions, employee benefits, education opportunities, and more find the best jobs in the Ad Tech industry! 

Alice Naughton