Meet Yashoda: A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager

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ExoClick’s Customer Success Team is an instrumental part of our Publisher and Advertiser clients’ success, providing 24/7 multilingual assistance to enable them to make the most of the platform and achieve their business objectives. For this ‘A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager’ article, we have interviewed Customer Success Manager Yashoda Budhathoki and asked her what her day to day working within the ExoClick Customer Success Team is like and answer the question: What does a Customer Success Manager do in ad tech? We have also asked her to tell us more about her key responsibilities and approach to making every customer feel valued and listened to at all times. 

#1 What are the most important parts of your job as a Customer Success Manager? What does a Customer Success Manager do in ad tech?

ExoClick is an Ad Network with expert dedicated Customer Success Team. Wondering what does a Customer Success Manager do in ad tech? As a Customer Success Manager, I have various duties and responsibilities, including:

  • Answering client’s questions: The most important part of my job is to address any questions or concerns that our customers may have. 
  • Help them make the most of the platform: Ensuring that clients fully understand how to navigate and utilize the ExoClick platform effectively to achieve their business goals. 
  • Onboarding new customers: My role also involves onboarding new customers and giving them a warm welcome and all the necessary information to get started.
  • Personalized assistance: Devoting time to properly understand each client to provide personalized assistance and strategic guidance.

These points are not only oriented to boost customer satisfaction but also contribute to building long-term loyalty with each single client by providing them with the best possible experience. And they are the key component to make a day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager a successful one!

#2 What qualities and skills make a good Customer Success Manager?

To succeed in my role in an Ad Network with expert dedicated Customer Success Team it is essential to have a deep understanding of each individual customer’s needs, ensuring that the services provided align seamlessly with their expectations. This requires not only a high degree of empathy but also effective communication skills and lots of patience. Every client is different, especially because we have clients from very different backgrounds and cultures around the globe, which means that it takes a bit of extra time to understand and adapt to their communication style. 

So this is what a Customer Success Manager does in ad tech: A successful Customer Success Manager should skillfully navigate and address each customer’s concerns with a positive and problem-solving oriented attitude, devoting the necessary time and focus to each case individually. Here are the most important skills that a Customer Success Manager must have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great capacity for multitasking and time management 
  • Active listening and a problem-solving attitude
  • Interpersonal skills such as collaboration, relationship building, and consulting
  • Flexible and creative thinking 

#3 Can you describe a day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager?

A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager is divided in 4 distinct parts:

  • Team meeting: I start my day by checking the daily agenda and meeting with my team and manager to discuss any changes or updates on the platform and internal processes. 
  • Checking latest tech news: Working in the ever-evolving Tech Industry, we need to devote some time to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and news to ensure that we provide the necessary information to our customers.
  • Customer emails: Then, I check my email to see if any of our customers need help or have any inquiries. This is my chance to see if I need to onboard any new Advertisers and Publishers, send follow-up emails, or communicate important updates.
  • Task management: With all this information in hand, I then organize my daily tasks according to priority, focusing on the most urgent cases and tasks first. 

#4 How do you onboard new Publishers and Advertisers to ExoClick?

When new Advertiser and Publisher clients start with us we welcome them and ask them about:

  • Their goals and business strategy: In order to provide assistance tailored to their needs (For example, ad formats they want to test, GEOs, what type of traffic they prefer, etc.)
  • ExoClick platform features: We provide information regarding ExoClick’s platform features and functionalities. 
  • Account checking: We then check their account’s activity to see if they already have active campaigns or ad zones to give them optimization tips and suggestions to enhance their results. 

We want to make sure that all our customers feel comfortable and valued when working with us so we always provide Guidelines and Documentation on how to get the most out of working with the ExoClick platform, of course along with the possibility to reach us with any questions or concerns they may have at any given time.

#5 What is your approach when talking to clients? How do you build a relationship with them?

There are 3 distinct parts to my approach when talking to clients to ensure fluent communication in order to build a lasting and positive relationship:

  • Active listening: This is paramount to understanding each client’s needs, goals and business, especially when they are first starting with us. 
  • Transparency: Being open and honest about our services and the potential of their campaigns and zones helps to build trust and credibility. 
  • Effective communication: We have customers from all around the world, so once again I always adapt my communication style to suit their needs. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that solutions align seamlessly with their individual goals.

#6 What do you enjoy the most about working with your team?

What I enjoy the most is the collective effort that we put into tackling challenges and achieving our goals in a very collaborative and supportive manner. This encourages an environment where everyone’s strengths contribute to the overall success, which is truly inspiring to me! This shared dedication and companionship not only makes the work more enjoyable but also leads to innovative solutions and very positive outcomes. We have a true sense of unity. It feels like we’re not just colleagues but a cohesive group working towards common objectives (Like an extended family!). This collaborative spirit is a driving force behind our achievements, and I take great pride in being part of such a dynamic and supportive team.

#7 What do you like the most about working at ExoClick?

What truly motivates me is the perfect balance of real-time feedback from the company and the availability of spaces and opportunities devoted to learning and developing my skills: ExoClick, Ad Network with expert dedicated Customer Success Team, provides various intensive training programs and creates enjoyable activities to promote team building and work-life balance. This creates an ideal dynamic that drives my daily commitment to find new approaches to my work. Our positive work environment and open communication are the key foundations of our ongoing success in every project we take on. And the continuous feedback motivates us to explore further, reach higher and perform better!

#8 Do you have advice for anyone wanting to work in a Customer Success Team in ad tech?

Have you enjoyed reading what a day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager in ad tech and you’d like to become one yourself? If you are a people person who is passionate about helping others, along with having a positive attitude, great active listening and organizing skills, I believe you will be the perfect fit. Also, you need to be open to the daily challenges that may arise, which honestly make the work more interesting and are where the opportunities to learn reside! Last but not least, are you a team player with the ability to adapt to changes and contribute to a great team atmosphere? If this is you and you are looking for a Customer Success manager jobs in Barcelona, we welcome you to the Team! :)

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