• Publisher Case Study: Creating Effective Native ads for a Multi-Format ad zone

    Effective Native ads

    In order to maximize your revenues from Native ads displayed within a Multi-Format ad zone, it is important that the ads displayed appear like the content on your site, or at least look good when displayed against your site’s content. This not only improves user experience but can generate more clicks which increases the value of your Native ad zone leading to higher CPMs and bigger revenues.  Many Publishers are... Read More

  • 10 Native ad zone custom CSS ideas for Publishers

    Native Custom CSS

    Improving how your Native ad zones are displayed can help the ads blend more into the style of your website. This creates a better user experience and can increase eCPMs, check out our Case Study: How 3 publishers increased Native ad zone CPMs. It's easy to use custom CSS code to improve the impact of how your Native ad zones are displayed and this blog post contains 10 ideas with... Read More

  • Case Study: ROI 10.48% for Mobile Dating offer using Native in UK

    Mobile Dating Native Case Study

    Robin Jaussaud from ExoClick’s Performance advertising team shares this case study for a mobile dating offer using the Native ad format targeting the UK. The UK is a tier 1 country and is a highly competitive market. Robin takes you through the process of testing, using automation tools, campaign optimisation and the final campaign results. Campaign period: 13 May 2021 - 4 June 2021 (23 days) Offer: Casual dating Ad... Read More

  • 6 Reasons you should test TrafficMansion’s Members Area Native ad zones

    6 Reasons you should test TrafficMansion’s Native ad zones

    TrafficMansion’s network of dating sites allow Native advertising within the profile sections of their dating sites. The Native ads allow two verticals: LiveCam and VoD offers. Our Business Intelligence department looked at Native CTRs for TrafficMansion sites compared to Free Content sites: As you can see TrafficMansion’s traffic achieves a much higher CTR compared to Free Content sites. This is because there are many positive benefits to targeting TrafficMansion’s members... Read More

  • Case study: 36% ROI for Dating offer with In-stream video

    In-Stream Video case study

    Campaign period: 1 October 2020 - 28 Feb 2021 Offer: Dating Ad Network: ExoClick Ad formats: In-stream video, Native, Banners GEOs: UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway Investment: 116,100 USD Total income: 157,896 USD Net profit: 41,796 USD ROI: 36% Introduction An ExoClick advertiser wanted to convert affiliate dating offers. He had never used In-stream Video advertising before and was advised by his account manager that... Read More

  • 6 Ways ExoClick Innovated in 2020

    2020, a year like no other, but ExoClick still managed to adapt and innovate. With the help of our Business Intelligence department we have examined the data from 2020 and highlight some of the key platform features, tools and business strategies we provided to our clients to help them maximize their revenues in this unusual year. 1 - Traffic record 2020 was a record breaking year for traffic at ExoClick... Read More

  • Case Study: How 3 publishers increased Native ad zone CPMs

    Native advertising performs the best for both advertisers and publishers when the Native ad zones appear exactly like the content of a publisher site. Additionally Native can increase conversion rates for advertisers and improve user experience when they display a title and description text and the ad zone is highlighted that it contains ads. For advertisers this generates more clicks and for publishers this increases the value of your Native... Read More

  • Publishers! 3 different ways to set up your Native Ad Zones

    Creating a native ad zone is simple and yet powerfully customizable. You are able to use slightly different processes for setting up a Native Ad zone depending on your needs: #1 - You simply want to set up a responsive ad zone, and choose the aspect ratio of the native ad zone’s images. #2 - You want to set up the ad zone to match a custom image size or... Read More

  • Is your marketing material compliant?

    ExoClick does not accept marketing material that is considered to be deceptive or misleading.  We have provided some examples of the types of marketing material that we don't accept to provide clarity and to help you avoid your campaigns getting rejected. Fake Messages: Ads or other elements that resemble chat apps, warnings, system dialogs, or other notifications that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked. Misleading Mouse Pointer/Tap/Swipe... Read More

  • Native advertising: Tips to get creative

    Native advertising is paid advertising where the ad matches the look and feel of the editorial content of a website. You can get really creative because getting a higher CTR for Native ads is all about psychology in order to create meaningful engagement from a potential customer who is viewing the website where your ad is placed. Think of it as content marketing. Once a user clicks on your Native... Read More

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