Is your marketing material compliant?

ExoClick does not accept marketing material that is considered to be deceptive or misleading.  We have provided some examples of the types of marketing material that we don’t accept to provide clarity and to help you avoid your campaigns getting rejected.

Fake Messages: Ads or other elements that resemble chat apps, warnings, system dialogs, or other notifications that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked.

Misleading Mouse Pointer/Tap/Swipe Icons: Banner or Landing Page elements that resemble a moving or clicking mouse pointer, a tap or a swipe icon that attempts to trick the user into interaction with the ad.

Misleading Antivirus Alerts: Banner or Landing Page elements that resemble misleading statements, alert icons, alert colours that attempt to trick the user into believing that they have an issue that needs fixing on their device which is not true.

Misleading Browser/System Alerts: Banner or Landing Page elements that resemble system dialogs, imitations of Windows, IOS, Android system alert notifications and other related elements.

Misleading Close/Cancel buttons: Banner or Landing Page elements that mislead users in to clicking on options to close an ad when in fact the ad does not close at all. This includes buttons that say close, no, cancel or fake close X.

Misleading Download/Play buttons: Banner or Landing Page elements that mislead users into clicking on Play or Download buttons that do not perform the operation that they are intended to perform.

Misleading Video Players: Similar to the misleading Download/Play buttons regulation. Banner or Landing Page elements that depict or imitate a video player including play icons, timers, scrollbars but then mislead the user.

Misleading Site Pagination: Banner or Landing Page elements that mislead users into clicking buttons that are fake and do not do as stated. This includes imitating page numbers typically found on Tubesites, navigation options, skip buttons, arrows that mislead a user into clicking on the ad.

Misleading Fake Age Verification: Banner or Landing Page elements that mislead users into clicking buttons to verify that they are over the age of 18 years old when no actual age verification takes place.

Native Advertising Branding: Advertisers are required to enter the name of the brand or product in the “brand” field in ExoClick’s admin panel when creating a native advertising campaign. The brand does not have to appear on the promotional image, but it must match the brand or product name on the landing page that the native ad’s url leads to.

Our recommendations:

  • To avoid losing traffic for your campaigns, we highly recommend that you immediately consider sourcing new marketing material without any misleading elements and comply with ExoClick’s new restrictions.
  • Source new materials and begin updating your active and running campaigns now
  • Online advertising is a highly competitive market, these restrictions allow you to find new creative solutions to stand out from the crowd.
  • These restrictions are designed to not mislead consumers, therefore it gives you the opportunity to comply and build up consumer confidence and trust in your brand.
  • If you are using affiliate offers along with their provided marketing materials, ensure to select marketing materials that are not misleading.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Compliance Team or your account manager to learn more about these changes.




Bryan McDonald