Advertiser Benefits of In-Page Push Notifications

Advertiser benefits In-Page Push Notifications

What is an In-Page Push Notification ad? 

In-Page Push Notifications, sometimes called Native Push, it is a type of display ad that is designed to look like a Push Notification, however unlike traditional Push Notifications, In-Page Push Notifications ads are not displayed within a website’s browser, but directly on the publisher’s site, just like banner ads. 

Let’s compare the differences between Traditional Push Notifications and In-Page Push Notifications:

Traditional versus In-Page Push Notifications

In-Page Push Notifications have some great benefits to help increase clicks for your offers:

Fully responsive: Displays seamlessly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices

Take full advantage of a website’s users: In-Page Push Notifications are displayed to all website users and not just users who previously opted-in to a website to subscribe to see Push Notifications, giving you a much greater reach.

Customizable: The creative elements for In-Page Push Notifications consist of an icon image on the left side, and a title (50 characters) and description (90 characters) on the right, you can also use emojis within the text to drive further end user engagement. This means that you can quickly customize creative changes with images and texts to A/B test your In-Page Push Notification campaigns.

Dynamic texts: You can also use dynamic tokens for items such as {country}, {region} or {day} in the titles and descriptions. These tokens will then display localized text to the visitor based on their information, allowing you to target your ads more effectively. For example, if you create an In-Page Push Notification ad for a localized dating offer, use the token in the title “Make friends in {region} tonight!”, a visitor from Barcelona would see: “Make friends in Cataluña tonight!”

High visibility, high CTR: This new ad format really stands out to an end user because the In-Page Push Notification fades in while an end user is browsing a page, the format’s design, being slightly curved at the edges and featuring an image on the left and text on the right also makes it eye catching in comparison to banner ads. Additionally, Publishers have several placement options they can implement for the format on a page, ensuring that the ad zone is not grouped together with other banners making the In-Page Push Notifications ad stand out to the end user, bringing a high CTR.

Quality clicks: End users are aware that the In-Page Push Notification is an ad, bringing qualified clicks to your offers using this format. 

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Giles Hirst