Use Video advertising voiceovers to improve conversions

video advertising voiceovers

If you are an advertiser looking to use video advertising to convert your offers but you don’t have the tools to create video ads, ExoClick’s free video ad making service can help you. Now we have added video advertising voiceovers to the video ads we can make for advertisers in several different languages. Many ExoClick advertiser clients have been using our free video making service since we launched it back in 2021 and we cover a range of different verticals. Our video ad creatives have achieved excellent ROI for clients who test and optimize their video campaigns correctly.  For example one client obtained an ROI of 220% using our video ad making service, check out the Case Study

Video advertising voiceovers

To help our clients build on their video advertising success, we have now introduced voiceovers to the video ad creatives. This way the end user can watch your video ad on mute with texts or with sound with the texts being brought to life by a female voice. The service is available in the following languages:

European: Dutch, English (American or British), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Middle Eastern: Arabic

Indian: Hindi, Tamil

Asian: Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean

We use AI generated voice platform Murf, that uses real peoples voices seamlessly creating compelling voiceovers that sound natural, exciting and with perfect accents.

Voiceovers on your video ads makes them more engaging and memorable to end users and can also lead to a positive impact on CTR and ROI. Let’s look at more benefits video voiceovers can bring.

Benefits of video advertising voiceovers

Greater engagement: A voiceover helps tell your story and communicate that story to the viewer not only visually but also with sound which stimulates two of the end user’s senses. This provides them with a more effective tool to get them more engaged with your video ad. If the end user is more engaged with your video ad, they will watch it for longer, making them more likely to click to find out more, leading to a greater chance of converting the end user.

Passive viewing: Did you know? A 2021 Microsoft study showed that the human attention span had decreased to an all time low of just 8 seconds, so even if your end user is distracted while your video ad is playing and are not watching it, they will still hear the voiceover, so your message is still getting across to them. 

Reinforce your CTAs: Using a voiceover gives you the opportunity to add additional CTAs throughout your video ad’s story. You can incorporate phrases such as “Find out more”, “Click for more info”, “Click for a discount” throughout the video story. This gives your audience more opportunities to click, in turn, increasing your video campaign’s CTR.

Start your video with a vocal statement: Voiceovers give you an opportunity to grab end user attention by capturing end user interest immediately, so for example, for a dating offer, you could start your video voiceover with “You are one click away from ‍finding a date.”

Speaking their language: The ability to have several different languages for your video ads allows you to communicate with the end user in their own language, giving you a much broader reach for your campaigns, as it allows you to target numerous different GEOs. 

Emotional connection: Video ads tell the story about your offer better than any other format. By adding a voiceover to your video ad you will increase the emotional impact of the ad, connecting more with the end user to push them to find out more about your offer.

Build trust: A video ad with a voiceover is overall much more professional and this helps build end user trust. They are seeing a professional ad which makes the end user feel more secure in knowing that the offer being promoted is from a trusted source.

To get started using ExoClick’s video ad making service with voiceovers, please contact your account manager or a Customer Success specialist here.


Giles Hirst