New targeting features for advertisers in our admin panel

When creating a Campaign try these new targeting features.

Under Sites & Zones you will see the Filters section

Click on the drop down arrow menu under Traffic Type

You can select the following options:
All – allows you target all Ad Zones
RON – allows you to target all Ad Zones, excluding Premium and Members Area Zones
Premium – allows you to only target Premium Ad Zones only
Members Area – allows you to target only Members Area Ad Zones only. Here you can find out more about Members Area traffic.

By default Include Partner Networks is ticked, click on this box to untick.

Now let’s see what is available under the drop down menu button for Target Mode:

Click on the arrow:

New Partner Networks feature
This brand new feature allows you to select whether or not you want to run your campaign on our partner ‘Network’ sites and our ‘Direct’ sites, or only on our ‘Direct’ sites. Here you have 2 options: Exclude or Include. The feature is Enabled by default, if you Disable this feature all of the external ‘Network’ sites will be automatically excluded. Why is this important? We know that many advertisers like to target direct websites rather than networks of sites, so now you have this option.

More new features coming soon!

Giles Hirst