Advertisers! 5 Reasons why you should be using the Fullpage Interstitial

5 Reasons fullpage interstitial

The Fullpage Interstitial (FPI) is available for Desktop and Mobile/Tablet. The ad format has been used in the mainstream for a couple of years now and is well accepted by users. Here are 5 reasons you should be advertising your offer with the FPI.

Reason 1 – It’s BIG!

ExoClick’s FPI is full screen and the large format size gives you the opportunity to really capture a user’s attention. This is especially useful if you are targeting a mobile device where the screen size is smaller. Publishers can set different trigger points for the FPI which will load between pages, making your ad part of the user journey. Clicking or tapping on the ad takes the end user directly to your offer. Desktop and Tablet are displayed on the horizontal and Mobile is displayed on the vertical. 

Reason 2 – High CTRs

Globally if we compare CTRs across our network the FPI has a much higher CTR when compared to banners:

  • Desktop FPI 1.5% CTR versus Banner 0.18% that’s an increase of +733.33%
  • Mobile FPI 3.41% versus Mobile banner 0.3%, a massive increase of +1036.67%

Reason 3 – It’s a rich media format

You can use either MP4 video banners or still jpeg images for your creative, making it a truly flexible format depending on what creative resources you have for your offer.

We carried out a case study using the same Livecam offer testing static jpeg images against video banners for Desktop and Mobile (Android and iOS)

Looking at Desktop, static banners had a slightly higher CTR for this offer at 2.3% compared to 2.12% for the video banner. The reason for this could be attributed to end users preferring an ad that is static on such a large screen as desktop. Also a static desktop creative with messaging text can be easy to read on such a large screen.

On Mobile the differences are far greater, for example on Android the static image CTR was 2.35% compared to the video creative at 3.66% which is a difference of 55.74%. On iOS the static creative got 0.83% CTR but increased by 84.34% to 1.53% CTR. A possible reason for this is because mobile users are open to seeing video on their devices, in fact they expect to see video nowadays and a short video banner can get all the offer’s messaging communicated to end users including texts. And because the format is MP4 a voice over can be included in the ad making it a much more dynamic creative.  

For creatives ExoClick only accepts weights that are in line with IAB Standards:

  • jpg, png, gif (max weight 300KB)
  • video mp4 (max weight 1.5 MB) 

Reason 4 – Mobile Fullpage Interstitial stats

Mobile traffic on ExoClick now represents 72.5% of impressions. So we asked our Business Intelligence department to look at the top verticals on Mobile comparing CTRs of Video and Static banners on the FPI:

If we compare these CTRs against display banners and video banners on mobile you can see that the FPI has a much higher CTR:

Reason 5 –  Recover a lost Chrome audience

For years the Popunder has been the most popular large format ad format, however as Google brings in more restrictions with each Chrome update, it has started to block Popunders on certain websites and GEOs. This is one of the reasons that more and more publishers are using FPI ad zones instead. This Chrome audience is a highly valuable traffic source for a large range of offers and the FPI is the only way to reach this audience. If the largest publishers have already implemented the FPI, why haven’t you tested it yet? 


Giles Hirst