Tracking pixels

You’ll be able to see all the conversions tracked back in your ExoClick stats (columns “G1″, “G2″, …)

All you need to do is place a tracking pixel tag in the body of your site on the specific page(s) you want to retarget e.g.(sign-up, sale,…).

This tag will place a transparent cookie allowing ExoClick to retarget these potential customers when they browse other websites.

The tracking pixels must be created from the “Conversion Tracking” tab in the menu of your Admin Panel.

An html code will be generated automatically. Just copy/paste it on each page of your website directly under the <body> section.  (Example below).

<img width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”″>

You could create 3 trackers to get very objective results:

  • Tracker n°1 will be implemented on your landing pages.
  • Tracker n°2 on your free sign up page
  • Tracker n°3 on the payment confirmation page

Benefits of using pixel tracking

You can track sales by campaign, ad creative, traffic source, and much more.

You can place higher bids on sites bringing more sales or create specific campaigns.

You can check the performance of each banner (CTR, Conversions, etc..) and determine the best promo to use.