Dynamic tokens or tags

ExoClick has dynamic tags that you can use to track interesting data through your URL and your own tracking system:

{actual_cost}: The actual CPM / CPC paid for each impression / click

{campaign_id}: ID of the campaign.

{category_id}: ID of the category detected.

{cost}: Cost of click or impression.

{country}: 3-char country code of the visitor.

{currency}: Currency of the advertiser account.

{format}: Banner size. Example: 300×250.

{keyword}: The keyword that was matched in case of campaigns targeting specific keywords. Empty if there is no match.

{language}: Language of the visitor.

{pricing_model}: Pricing model of the campaign. (1 = CPC, 2 = CPM, 3 = CPA, 4 = Smart CPM)

{rtb_timeout}: RTB Timeout value in ms (applied only on RTB calls).

{site_id}: ID number of the site where the ad is displayed.

{src_hostname}: Domain/Site name where the ad is displayed.

{tags}: The list of keywords that have been identified for that ad impression.

{time}: Timestamp, used as a cache buster.

{url}: URL of the page where the ad is displayed.

{user_agent}: User Agent string of the visitor.

{variation_id}: ID of the variation. (Banner or landing page)

{zone_id}: ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed.