• Keyword Targeting

    Keyword Targeting

    Get traffic from very specific or small niches with our Keyword Targeting.

  • IP Range Targeting

    IP Range Targeting

    Use your own database of IP ranges to target specific IPs.

  • Language Targeting

    Language Targeting

    Filter users based on their language.

  • Geo-targeting


    Target users by country.

  • Contextual Targeting

    Contextual Targeting

    Choose from our comprehensive list of channels. Our advanced contextual engine will deliver traffic that is relevant to your product.

  • Browser Targeting

    Browser Targeting

    Target all the major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc...

  • Operating System Targeting

    Operating System Targeting

    Divided in two categories. Desktop and Mobile. This will allow you to target specific operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

  • Device Targeting

    Device Targeting

    Users are using a plethora of connected devices to navigate online. Target specific devices that convert better to your products. From desktop, to mobile devices, tablets, Smart TV and even wearable devices!

  • Mobile Carrier Targeting

    Mobile Carrier Targeting

    Target users browsing in 3G or 4G through their mobile phone operator.

  • Site Targeting

    Site Targeting

    ExoClick is a fully transparent network. Target specific sites that convert best with your product.

  • Frequency Capping

    Frequency Capping

    Limit the exposure of your campaigns to unique users.

  • Day-parting


    Select the exact times of when you want your campaigns to run and in which time-zone!