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  • Case study: How to optimise an In-Stream Video campaign

    Campaign period: 13 August - 17 September 2020 Offer: Mobile Game Ad format: In-stream video Device: Android Ad network: ExoClick GEO: USA Many advertisers are still unsure of how to optimise their video campaigns. In this case study I will show you how to set up a test campaign and then optimise it. The goals of this case study were: To show the value of generating data by first testing... Read More

  • Case study: RON test campaigns CPC or CPM?

    Campaign test period: 1 August - 25 August 2020 Offer: Game Ad formats: Native Ad network: ExoClick Traffic source: RON (run of network) GEO: USA    With every new campaign it is imperative to run a test campaign for a good length of time to generate enough data to be able to make informed decisions when you launch the full campaign. The results of the campaign will give you the... Read More

  • Publisher case study: Increased earnings with In-Stream frequency capping settings

    Squeezing extra revenues out of engaged users boosts not only your ad impressions but your revenues too. On a video content site, an engaged user will spend a prolonged length of time exploring the videos that you have on your site, therefore the best way to get more revenues out of this user is to show him more In-Stream video ads.  ExoClick’s In-Stream ad zone setup allows you to experiment... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: 40% ROI with localised dating offer using Video Slider

    ExoClick Video Slider Dating case study

    Experienced affiliate marketing professional Filipe Dominguez shares a campaign case study on how he tested the Video Slider ad format for a localised dating offer. Campaign period: 28 May - 15 June 2020 (19 days) Offer: Localised dating website Ad Network: ExoClick Ad format: Video Slider GEO: Spain Investment: $262.10 Total income: $369 Net profit: $107.01 Conversions: 123 ROI: 40.82% Introduction I had been using the Instant Message format on... Read More

  • Case study: How 3 publishers increased earnings with our in-line popunder code

    Ad blocking continues to negatively affect publisher revenues, ExoClick provides a free solution to publisher clients called Neverblock which circumvents ad blockers and still shows publishers ads. But we also have a second option that Publishers can try based around forcing popunders to show even if the end user is using an adblocker. It’s called our in-line popunder code and is very easy to implement in the <body> tags on... Read More

  • Push Notifications: Why is subscriber lifetime so important?

    When a subscriber opts in to receiving Push Notifications from your website you want the user to stay opted in for as long as possible. Subscribers can decide to block your Push Notifications at any time, so you need an ad network that will ensure that the notifications your subscriber gets are useful to him and that he doesn’t get annoyed by receiving too many. The longer the subscribers stay... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: $9,736 profit promoting nutra in Thailand

    Affiliate Andy Simpson provides a case study to show how he targeted Thailand with nutra offers using ExoClick’s traffic sources.   Campaign period: 1 Jan 2019- 10 April 2019 Offer: Various Nutra products Affiliate Network: Advertising Network: ExoClick Ad format: Banner and Native GEO: Thailand Investment: $12,736 Total income:  $22,472 Net profit: $9,736 ROI: 76%   I kicked off the campaign at the start of 2019 with the aim... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: ROI 52% with official Game of Thrones game

    Experienced affiliate marketing professional Filipe Dominguez shares a campaign case study on how he used ExoClick’s traffic to generate a net profit of $250 in 10 days.   Campaign period: 20 - 31 March 2019 Offer: Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming the official game (from CPA network Adspree Media) Ad Network: ExoClick Ad format: In-stream video GEO: Germany Investment: $480 Total income: $730 Net profit: $250 Conversions: 202 ROI: 52%... Read More

  • Using the ExoClick Bidder: Two Case Studies

    The ExoClick Bidder works just like a smart assistant allowing you to automate the optimization of your campaigns by adjusting your bids by ad zone and blocking non-converting ad zones. The Bidder has two functions: Automatic Bidding: allows you to automatically adjust (up/down) your CPM/CPC bids according to your target CPAs. The Bidder will also automatically blacklist ad zones that haven’t converted when your maximum test budget is reached. Rules:... Read More

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