How to use Frequency Capping


The Frequency Capping, on CPM campaigns is the number of times a unique visitor sees your ad.

You are given the possibility to choose from 1 to unlimited impressions / unique visitor / 24h.

Note that the frequency capping is set by campaign, not by ad.

So if you have for example 10 banners and you set your freq. cap to 3/24 hours, the user will see 3 impressions of your campaign in a 24 hour span, either 3 impressions of the same banner or 1 impression from 3 different banners, depending how our system will rotate your campaign creatives.

Basically there are two major strategies:

1) Focus on top impressions: set a small frequency capping (1 to 3) and a high CPM bid to get on top of the rotation of campaigns.

  • Advantages: Traffic performances are higher, very targeted traffic.
  • Drawbacks: Small volume and tough competition drives prices up.

2) Reach middle or remnant inventory: set a bigger frequency capping (4 to unlimited) and an average or minimum CPM bid.

  • Advantages: Less competition, affordable prices. You get conversions on quantity over quality.
  • Drawbacks: Traffic performance is lower. High traffic volume means more work of optimization.

Be careful when setting a high Frequency capping since you will spend your daily budget very quickly and may even exceed it.

Remember that an advertising message is normally displayed more than once as we know that the effectiveness of the message is based on repetition. By testing different type of campaigns and by playing with the cappings you’ll be able to fine tune your campaign to find the right exposure bringing higher profits.

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