Why was my campaign rejected?

Without exception all advertisers need to follow our Guidelines. In addition some of our Premium Publishers have additional conditions if you chose to target them in your campaigns.
When checking your Campaigns List, in front of the “Rejected” status you will find a tooltip and if you do a mouse-over you will be able to read the campaign rejection reason.

Note: that an active (running) campaign can be rejected at anytime. Campaigns are reviewed constantly by the Customer Services team.

If a campaign was modified after it was approved, to decieve/avoid detection and does not follow our Guidelines, your account could be suspended/closed and the remaining advertising budget may not be refunded, depending on the severity of the violation!!

If you still do not understand why your campaign has been rejected, feel free to contact the Customer Services Team by clicking the “Contact” button above and selecting the Customer Services department.

Remember to include your full account details and campaign ID(s).

Rejection reasons:

Account Verification in progress we will contact you within 72hrs – Normally used only for new or returning Advertising clients and normally completed with 24hrs

Adult campaigns/banners not allowed on this category – Campaigns with material not suitable for children cannot target the Non-Adult categories

Auto-Downloads not permitted on any Adult pop-under campaign or, Adult banner campaigns before clicking the banner – Your account may be suspended if found on your running campaigns

Banner/Landing Page contains or promotes an illegal/banned product – Models that look younger than 18/drug taking or products known to contain malware, etc are strictly not permitted in advertising materials

Banners are not uploaded correctly – There’s a technical problem that means the banners are not displaying on the network

Banners or landing pages with auto-sound not permitted on Adult campaigns – Not permitted unless only activated when the mouse is over the Ad

Banners showing a phone number/website must be CPM based

Bid/Budget is not realistic for the traffic targeted – Excessively high bids or a budget that does not cover the traffic volumes anticipated

Copyright infringement – You cannot use marketing material (images, banners, pages or texts) where we have received a DMCA claim to those materials

Fake virus or scan alerts are strictly not permitted – Claiming a visitor has a virus or falsely scanning the visitors device are not permitted

HTML is not accepted by the premium publisher targeted – Some premium publishers block HTML/iFrame campaigns

Javascript pop over advertising on popunders not allowed – Strictly forbidden and will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval

Landing page not working – We are unable to see the landing page submitted based on your target settings

Landing page or product offered contains malware – Will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval

Landing Page for popunders can not go directly to Googleplay/Applestore – A pre-lander is required for the popunder format

No traffic available based on your campaign settings – Check the “Your Selection” box on the right side settings of your campaign if it’s zero this means there is no traffic

Verification failed – We are unable to work with you therefore the campaign can not be accepted

Your campaign is in violation of premium site rules – Some premium publishers have specific exclusions e.g. no exit pop-ups, no fake video players or fake “X” exit signs