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Награда вручается за достижения компании в создании благоприятных условий работы, что привлекает и удерживает сотрудников, сочетая положительную рабочую среду, условия труда и корпоративной культуры.

Работай в ExoClick

Команду ExoClick действительно можно считать мульти-культурной: она включает в себя сотрудников из 25 разных стран, работающих в синергии и поддерживающих друг друга. Наш главный офис находится в одном из ключевых мест Барселоны – Торре Mapfre, на пляже Барселоны. Как сотрудник нашей команды вы будете наслаждаться прекрасным, захватывающим видом на Барселону, включая пляж, Средиземном море, набережную Барселоны, заполненую роскошными катерами и яхтами и атмосферой города.


Наши 19 вознаграждений сотрудникам

  • Free

    Private health insurance - Organic fruit - Friday team breakfast - Yoga classes - English & Spanish classes - Massages

  • Working life

    Flexible working hours - Your Birthday off as a paid holiday - Flexible compensation plan: travel, meals & childcare - ExoClick University, our in-house training - Employee referral program bonus - Off-site team building days out - Office games room/chill out zone

  • Discounted

    Subsidised lunches - Local restaurants - Nespresso coffee - Gym - Hairdresser - Insurance policy


  • Development

    • Profile

      Do you want to play a key role in an innovative project in the security software development sphere?

      Are you a talented developer, who is solutions-oriented and highly organized?  Are you an excellent project planner who delivers on deadlines? Are you passionate about your work and thrive on working within a demanding, passionate and talented team?

      This is a brilliant opportunity to get in at the ground-level of this exciting new project which you’ll help to define, shape and build for Spain’s biggest ad tech company which is also the 4th largest ad network in the world.


      The position of Backend Developer involves putting your skills to the test in developing a high performance, high-availability system with excellent usability. You will be part of the development at every step of the process: analysis, innovation, programming, testing, releasing, monitoring and if necessary redesigning and refactoring.

      As this is a new project you will join a small, dynamic and highly skilled technical team working on the development of specific projects, while ensuring they are effective and always delivered on time.

      Help us shape the future – for a more secure user experience!

      • 3+ years with MySQL and PHP object-oriented experience.
      • Experience working on high traffic web applications.
      • Solid OOP and software design knowledge.
      • You improve your code quality through writing unit tests, functional tests, automation and performing code reviews.
      • You are familiar with PHP Frameworks such as Symfony2, Silex, etc.
      • GIT is your favourite DVCS.
      • Experience with NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
      • Experience with Linux/Unix and scripting languages (CLI, Shell scripting).
      • You have good communication skills.
      • Willingness to learn new technologies.
      • Fluent English.


      Bonus Requirements

      • You are aware of DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS
      • Experienced in TDD and BDD workflow with phpspec and Behat
      • Experience with RESTful and Async I/O applications
      • Vagrant, Docker and Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins)
      • Experience with multiple languages including Python, Ruby or Golang is a plus
      • You know what Agile methodology is all about (Scrum / Kanban)
      • Additional languages is a plus
    • Profile

      As a Frontend Software Engineer, you will use modern JavaScript stack in an innovative project in the sphere of security software development. You will participate in implementing new features and improving existing code base on a React – Redux application. You will also be involved in our continual improvement and fine tuning process, and have the opportunity to work on open source projects.

      • High level in JavaScript including modern frameworks, libraries and best practices
      • Comfortable with unidirectional data flow architectures
      • Write well-tested and readable code
      • Experience with Git and code collaboration between teams
      • Ability to learn quickly and willingness to stay updated with the latest technologies
      • Familiarity with design patterns, data structures
      • Knowledge of recent browser APIs, with particular emphasis on service workers, web workers and persistence layers
      • Knowledge of NodeJS
      • Interest in Electron framework
      • Open-source projects activity
  • Sales

    • Profile

      As Performance Advertising Manager you will work with global, performance-based online advertisers across a wide variety of verticals within the mainstream entertainment industry. You will actively create, monitor and optimize campaigns for a portfolio of clients (both assigned and newly qualified leads) with a particular focus on effective inventory monetization, delivering a first class service and sharing best practices within the various internal departments. Your daily tasks will also involve data analysis, preparing strategic client reports, proposals and contracts. You will report to your Team Leader and Senior Management on a bi-weekly basis.

      You have a solid working knowledge of the digital performance and affiliate marketing ecosystems, and understand the general needs of online advertisers and publishers.

      • Very detail-oriented with a meticulous approach and able to manage multiple campaigns successfully.
      • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
      • Money conscious with an innovative approach and ability to thrive in a fast paced working environment.
      • Pro-active, a strong communicator and confident with pitching new opportunities to external clients.
      • Analytical mind, good with calculations and statistical interpretation.
      • Problem solving attitude.
      • We will value any experience as media buyer, advertiser or traffic manager.
      • Daily spend/revenue monitoring, campaign creation and optimization. You will utilise internal tools, systems and processes to keep a daily track of client development and expansion.
      • Effective client relationship management, dealing with internal/external conflicts and collate best practise examples of reporting, client feedback and case studies.
      • Proven technical capabilities and understanding, including basic skills in the editing of landing pages (HTML) and creative optimization.
      • Close interaction with Team Leader, Business Intelligence and Business Development teams in order to interpret market insights, client data, and be able to react quickly and implement this back into the business.
      • Effective management of your clients on performance versus target and company growth strategies.
      • 2-3 years minimum experience in the online advertising industry.
      • Experience in Mobile and Desktop media buying and inventory monetization.
      • Experience in managing campaigns directly for product owners or affiliate networks.
      • Strong analytical proficiency, especially with Excel or Google spreadsheets.
      • Good technical knowledge (HTML, JavaScript).
      • Perfect knowledge of the different performance-based pricing models (CPA, CPL, CPA, CPM, CPC, etc.)
      • Fluent English, written and spoken (German, French, Spanish or other languages will be highly valued).
      • Strong Proficiency with web applications (browsers, IM, software).
  • Sales

    • Profile

      This position requires a candidate who is energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated to work in a leading and dynamic company within the online entertainment sector.

      As an Advertiser Account Manager you will be responsible for a portfolio of medium-to-large sized global advertisers as well as the creation, management and optimization of their online campaigns using ExoClick’s proprietary technology and network solutions. You are in direct contact with the advertisers to ensure they are meeting their ROI objectives, and will be required to generate statistical and financial reports for your clients and Management.

      You will report directly to the Advertising Team Leader and Global Sales Director.

      You understand the general needs of online advertisers and publishers and you are able to manage hundreds of campaigns successfully.

      • Extremely organized and rigorous.
      • Proactive, with strong communication skills.
      • Analytical mind, good with calculations and statistics.
      • Strong team player and contributor.
      • We will value any previous experience as a media buyer, advertiser, affiliate or traffic manager.
      • Creation, monitoring and optimization of advertising campaigns.
      • Clients follow up by phone and email.
      • Websites classification and network optimizations.
      • Negotiation of monthly agreements and pricing.
      • Identify growth opportunities (cross selling, upselling) in order to scale your clients.
      • Keep up to date with latest market news and industry trends.
      • Be willing to prospect and qualify new leads for your own portfolio.


      Your goals

      • Build strong and sustainable relationships with your clients through strategic thinking and assist them with reaching their ROI objectives.
      • Daily and weekly monitoring, analysis and optimization of their advertising campaigns. You must have the ability to identify areas of improvement and act on them fast.
      • Interpret statistical data and campaign reports effectively.
      • Meet and exceed your quarterly revenue goals generated from your global portfolio.
      • Participate and communicate actively with other team members within the sales division (Publishing, Performance, CS) to aid knowledge and best practice sharing.
      • 2+ year experience in the online advertising industry (Media Buyer, Account Manager,…)
      • Perfect knowledge of the different pricing models: CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.
      • Expert in the management of online advertising campaigns with a proven track record.
      • Ability to make decisions with little or no guidance when required.
      • Experience or knowledge in mobile advertising will be highly valued.
      • Fluent English, written and spoken (other languages will be highly valued).
      • Good understanding and personal interest in online marketing and digital trends.
      • A minimum of technical skills required (HTML, JavaScript tags, experience working with conversion tracking, web analytic tools, etc).
      • Good with statistical reports and data analysis.
      • Very advanced use of Excel, formulas, macros, etc.


  • Business Intelligence

    • Profile

      This is a bridge role between the Business Intelligence and Sales departments with the objective of winning business based on specific actions derived from detailed analysis of ExoClick´s advertising network and platform.

      The Data Analyst will be responsible for providing an overall trend view of international media placement. Together with BI Director he/she will develop and maintain weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that provide critical business visibility on key revenue and audience trends, by product, market, vertical and client. Additionally, based on detailed analysis of the advertising campaigns running on the network, he/she will collaborate with the Sales and Business Development team to identify potential partnerships for critical segments of our network.

      You will identify opportunities for improvement to processes and business operations using information technology. The role is project based and begins with analysing a customer’s needs, gathering and documenting their requirements and creating a project plan resulting in a technology solution. You will need a good understanding of technology.


      • Structure masses of information, identify data-driven trends and understand what really matters and why.
      • Deliver insights and analytics across the company’s display ad network and communicate them in daily, weekly and monthly trend reporting.
      • Proactive investigation and trends analysis by using our internal tools (global stats, daily trends) and external BI management systems.
      • Analyze the digital media space through navigation and code reading and investigate the different factors that are involved from the point of view of the advertiser, their advertising offers and the product owner, etc.
      • Ability to identify and escalate issues and opportunities ahead of time to help reduce impact and improve financial / performance implications.
      • Together with the BI Director, develop and defend actionable insights and conclusions in order to win new business.
      • Analyze competitor networks
      • Identify potential partnerships with Advertisers and Publishers
      • Degree in information technology, business information systems, business administration or similar
      • At  least 1+ years of relevant professional industry experience is required.
      • Proactive personality with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships at all levels
      • Managing and prioritising workload, taking ownership of all assigned tasks
      • Advanced Internet user, able to identify valuable information hidden within html code
      • Experience with advanced statistical methodology, data and datasets
      • The desire and agility to work in a fast-paced and ever evolving environment
      • Applicant will exhibit a strong desire to understand how the company’s platform and Industry work
      • Strong verbal and written communication skills
      • Solid understanding of Excel /Google spreadsheets
      • Experience with BI management software
      • Experience with ad network technologies
      • Basic knowledge of web programming languages
  • Business Intelligence

    • Profile

      This is  a bridging role between Business Intelligence and the Sales Department with the objective to improve performance and revenue by optimizing our IP range database.

      The Data Manager (IP ranges) will be responsible for improving revenues from advertising campaigns targeting 3G IP ranges. Together with the Business Intelligence Director your main duty is to optimize our IP range database with data that is acquired both internally and externally. Any optimization should be linked with performance and revenue improvements. The role includes providing regular feedback with our Business Analyst (who is responsible for trends analysis), and the sales team.

      • Understand the value of the IP ranges and how advertisers can make effective use of them
      • Manage a complex database of IP ranges through a web interface
      • Improve the current IP range database based on internal and external information, with an objective to improve overall quality
      • Become an expert in ISP knowledge gained through internal discussions and thorough internet investigation
      • Measure and report the impact of the improvements that you make to our database
      • Experience in IP services and/or the Carrier Billing sector is an asset
      • At  least 1 year of relevant professional industry experience is required.
      • Basic knowledge of IP and ISP functions
      • Experience in mobile advertising is also a plus
      • Proactive personality with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships at all levels of the business
      • Able to handle multiple high priority requests
      • Excellent analytical and conceptual skills
      • Applicant will exhibit a strong desire to understand the workings of the company’s platform and the digital advertising industry
      • Solid understanding of Excel/Google spreadsheet
      • Strong spoken and written English
  • Internship

    • Profile

      As an Assistant Media Buyer you will be required to monitor ongoing campaign metrics as well as being able to launch various campaigns on different media buying platforms. You should be comfortable working with adult content. Your passion to learn new things and succeed in a dynamic environment is a must. You will be under the supervision of the Mediabuy Manager.

      • Monitor media activities: As an Assistant Media Buyer, you will monitor various platforms to ensure that digital advertisements run/are visible on a range of media channels, according to partnership agreements. If there are discrepancies, you will instruct the vendor to make up for any missed advertising.
      • Media research: You will be involved in media research and planning in order to analyze which medium will be the most effective channel to advertise a specific product or service and be able to communicate your findings to the Media Buyer.
      • Documentation and reporting: You will prepare detailed documents and reports related to media purchasing and its consumption on a daily and weekly basis. You will report budget spending on all media buying activities related to the various types of ad formats based on information provided by various vendors.
      • On a day to day basis you will monitor the channels and advertising strategies that competitors are using in order to suggest positive measures for improving our clients’ campaigns.

      The right candidate will be especially interested in online, mobile and new media and must understand basic media buying metrics (CPM, CPC, CTR, CPA, etc)

      You are a motivated and responsible individual ready to work with us in an international and fast paced environment.

* Allowed file types are PDF, ODT, DOC and DOCX

Познакомьтесь с некоторыми сотрудниками изнашей команды

  • Pierre (French)

    Frontend Developer

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Innovative, teamwork, service-oriented.

  • Sally (British)

    Customer Service Agent

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Vibrant, exciting, friendly.

  • Lee (British)

    Senior Publisher Manager

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Friendly, diverse, intelligent.

  • David (Peruvian)

    System Administrator

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Innovation, performance, young.

  • Ana (Spanish)


    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Growing, dynamic, international.

  • Marcelo (Chilean)

    Global Designer

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Constant, dynamic, evolving.

  • Katya (Peruvian)

    Office Manager

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Talent, teamwork, dynamic.

  • Mo (British)

    Team Leader Customer Services

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Teamwork, professional, spirited.

  • Alexandra (French)

    French Speaking Territory Manager

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Professionalism, efficiency, ambition.

  • Oscar (Spanish)

    Head of Performance Advertising

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Transparency, ambition, professionalism.

  • Lisseth (Peruvian)

    Performance Advertising Manager

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Efficiency, international, technological.

  • David (British)

    Senior Publisher Manager

    Describe ExoClick in 3 words…
    Awesome, fast-paced, intriguing.