Ad blocking facts

Ad blocking is affecting publisher revenues, in 2015 $21.8 billion in ad revenue was lost due to ad blockers. As more users install ad blockers this figure is set to rise.

In 2016, 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker, up 34.4% from 2015. In 2017, that figure is expected to grow another 24.0% to 86.6 million people. (eMarketer)

In the UK and France, nearly one-in-three connected adults use an ad blocker, in China it's even higher at 49% and Brazil at 58%. (MetaFacts Technology User Profile survey)

Our solution

ExoClick's highly successful and unique technological solution bypasses ad blockers ensuring that your ad spots still get shown even if a user has ad blocking software installed and switched on, it's called NeverBlock

How it works

  • Without NeverBlock - adsever sends ad to placement zone

  • Adblocker scans and detects ad

  • Ad blocker blocks ad

  • With NeverBlock installed - Adserver sends protected ad to placement zone

  • Ad blocker does not detect ad

  • Ad appears in placement

NeverBlock's advanced technology bypasses ad blockers to recapture all your ad revenue and works on all browsers (including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) and on all platforms and devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

How to implement NeverBlock

The solution is available to all ExoClick clients and is a simple process of placing a line of code on your website. Speak to your account manager or contact us.