How it WORKS

You can now bid on a per impression basis, eliminating wasted impressions and allowing you to really target your customers. Our technology selects the highest bid in real-time and delivers your offer right to the site that your customer is viewing. The process happens in milliseconds.

Why it WORKS

  • Our Technology

    ExoClick's RTB engine manages hundreds of thousands of RTB requests per second

  • Our Marketplace

    5.5 billion daily impressions via our global network of publishers

  • Our Openness

    Built respecting the IAB’s Open RTB protocol

Make it WORK for you

Marketeers, Affiliate platforms, Advertising Networks, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), now you can plug in your own automization software and pair it with ExoClick’s superior targeting features and automization tools, you can go fully programmatic. Email or click the contact us button below.