ExoClick’s platform API v2 takes automation to the next level

Barcelona, 18 October 2017, ExoClick, the innovative ad company today announced that it has released v2 of its platform API. The API has been vastly improved and now allows automation of all of the platform features that are inside ExoClick’s admin panel.

Here is a comprehensive list of the features that can now be automated with the API:

Campaigns and variations

  • Create, delete, modify, start and pause campaigns as well as individual variations within campaigns.
  • Multiple campaigns can be automated by using campaign ids.
  • Campaign group management allows users to create, delete, modify and interchange groups of campaigns.
  • All of ExoClick’s deep targeting features can be used to automate the targeting or blocking of individual elements.

Collections brings together a huge range of features that can be automated for both advertisers and publishers.

  • Ad types: Advertisers can automate the choice of ad formats and publishers can automate ad formats and ad zones.
  • Daily budget : Advertisers can set their daily spend by setting budget limits.
  • Marketing tags: Publishers can automate the blocking of certain ad types and set minimum prices for each ad format and GEO.
  • Offer algorithms: Advertisers can automate their offers with ExoClick’s landing page traffic share algorithms.
  • Payment types: Automates the selection of different payment options for funding of advertiser accounts and publisher payments.
  • Pricing models: Automates the selection of the various pricing models ExoClick offers: CPC, CPM, CPA, smartCPM, CPV.
  • Product categories: Advertisers can automate the selection of categories for their offers and publishers can automate the blocking of advertising categories they do not want featured on their sites.
  • Regions: Allows the automation of regional targeting within countries.
  • Site types: Advertisers and publishers can select whether they want traffic from direct websites or networks of sites.
  • Timezones: Automates day parting for when advertisers want to run timed campaigns.

Adblock statistics

  • Advertisers and publishers can now pull statistics from adblock users.

Goal management

  • Advertisers can automate the creation of new goals, delete old goals and modify existing ones.

Offer, Zone and Site management

  • Offer: Advertisers can automate the creation of offers, delete, modify and pull statistics. Additionally they can automate the modification of their landing pages e.g. changing a page’s name or url.
  • Zone: Publishers can automate the creation of new ad zones as well as deleting or modifying existing zones.
  • Site: Publishers can create new sites, modify and delete existing sites, and get or create url verification from the API.

Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder of ExoClick commented, “Our API has now been taken to the next level and opens up enormous creative possibilities of automation for both advertisers and publishers. Applications could be from the simple automation of time consuming or repetitive actions, setting thresholds to automatically change underperforming campaign creatives, to creating their own bespoke admin panel in order to tap into the monetisation opportunities that ExoClick’s global network offers.”

Fonzé continued, “By harnessing technology with the recent launch of our ad exchange and now our updated API we have provided the tools for both advertisers and publishers to really push their businesses to the next level.”

ExoClick has a dedicated page on their corporate website that contains links to version 2 of the API and all of its documentation. Additionally there is a link to a simple Object Oriented wrapper for the API written with PHP5.

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