How to get my website/app approved

Each website or app that is submitted to us is manually checked by our Customer Services team to ensure that the content is within our guidelines- click here

Before submitting your site ensure you have sufficent content that is already bringing you good quality traffic- newly constructed sites/apps for example will not have sufficent traffic volumes to satisify many of our advertisers and you should set your earnings expectations quite low in the short term.

If your site/app is still under contruction or unavailable please do not submit it as it will be rejected- wait until it’s completed/accessible to everyone.

Our team work 24/7 but approval times vary depending on how many sites are submitted, they are all reviewed in chronological order. Please be patient!

You can check the status of your site/app in your Admin Panel in “Adzones” > “Sites”, however if you have created and added ad-zones to your site before it’s approved don’t worry you will still generate earnings/statistics in the meantime.

If you are looking to add multiple sites/apps note that the limit that can be added to your account is 50 likewise the maximum number of ad-zones you can create is 300. We strongly suggest that if you have 10 or more sites to speak to the Customer Services team first, who can then give you advice on how we can approve all your sites. Simply click the “Contact” option at the top of this page and select the ticket type “Information ”