How will I get my earnings/payments?

Please also review our guidelines & don’t forget our Publisher referral program

We are happy you have considered ExoClick as a great way to generate revenues – we agree ;)

Once you’ve submitted your site to us and set up the ad zones, we will do the rest! Provided your site(s) get accepted you are just 3 steps away from making money with us!

  1. You need to start generating revenue on your ad-zones from your approved sites(s)
  2. Our Compliance Team will  make an assessment of the traffic quality you are sending to our advertisers
  3. You will then be contacted before you reach the minimum payment threshold of 20 EUR/USD.

Please note:

  • In order to receive payments you must keep your ad zones active.
  • Publishers are entitled to their earnings if they were generated in the current year or the previous year. Everything accumulated before this time would be deducted from any future payment.