Mobile conversion tracking

Classic pixel tracking doesn’t work most of the time. On many mobile offers the only way to track conversions is using a postback URL.

Here is a complete guide on how to use the ExoClick conversion tracking API with Hasoffers which is an affiliate tracking solution.


STEP 1: Go to the Hasoffers Platform, in the offer details page.

Add a subid to your tracking link, by clicking on the “Add Subid” option in the “GENERATE TRACKING” section.

Add the following string as the subid: {conversions_tracking}. Then click “Update”.

Your tracking link should look like this:{conversions_tracking}

Hasoffers allows up to 5 different sub ids which enables you to use other sub ids for your other tracking needs. This tracking link is the one you will have to use in your advertising campaign.


STEP 2: Go to ExoClick’s advertiser dashboard and click on the “Conversion Tracking” tab.

You must have at least one conversion goal generated. If you don’t, simply create one. Once a goal has been generated, simply grab the value found in the “goal= “.


STEP 3: Going back to the offer specific page on HasOffers, scroll down to the “conversion pixels/urls” section.

From the “Type” drop down menu select – “Postback URL”. In the code area place this URL:[GOAL_ID]&tag={aff_sub}

The [GOAL_ID] is the value we grabbed in STEP 2 from the conversion tracking tab on Exoclick’s dashboard.