How to fund my account

How do I check how much funding I have left?
In your Administration Panel. Click on “Dashboard”.You will see a complete overview of the current status of your account in numbers

Do you invoice?
Your invoice is automatically created in your Administration Panel as soon as your funds are received. To download your invoice, make sure you are under the Advertiser tab then click on “Payments” and click on “Invoice” to open/download it.

What is the minimum funding permited?
200 EUR/USD. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest since lower budgets do not bring enough valuable data (CTR, impressions, clicks, sales) to take objective decisions and turn campaigns into profitability.

What are the available payments methods?
Please note that we work on a pre-payments account funding system.The methods we provide for you to fund your account are:

  • Wire transfer from 500 EUR/USD. You’ll find our Bank information in the “Payments” tab of your Admin Panel.You must contact us when the funds are sent so we can ensure they are added when received to avoid delays.
  • Paypal from 200 EUR/USD, directly from your Admin panel, in the “Payments” tab * (See also section below)
  • Credit Card Processed by Paypal from 200 EUR/USD, directly from your Admin panel, in the “Payments” tab (subject to spending restrictions)
  • Paxum from 200 EUR/USD directly from your Admin panel, in the “Payments” tab (no spending restrictions)

In order to comply with EU regulations, ExoClick applies VAT as follows:

  • A 21% VAT is always applied to both individual and companies in Spain, with or without valid VAT number.
  • Companies from EU countries that provide a valid VAT number are exempt of any VAT. (Contact Customer Services to verify it before sending funds)
  • Individuals or companies from EU countries that can’t provide a valid VAT number are subject to 21% VAT.
  • Finally, companies or individuals outside EU countries are not subject to VAT.

To verify the validity of your VAT, check it through the VIES system.

Why are there PayPal Limits?
The PayPal limit exists because PayPal doesn’t offer guaranteed payments to its merchants. As a company, we need to ensure that the payments we receive are secured against potential fraud.

This is what leads us to ask our Advertisers to use either the Wire Transfer payment method or Paxum.

Furthermore, these other options allow you to send larger amounts that can cover longer time periods of spendings and avoid campaign interruptions.

Paypal payments are limited to 1.500 USD/EUR in a period of 30 days. For higher payment amounts, you should use either Paxum or send a Wire Transfer payment and use PayPal only as a backup solution.