How can I increase my earnings?

We will ensure your get the best possible earnings based on the site traffic you provide us with. However you can help to increase this further with some suggestions listed below.

1. What type of ad-zone and where to place it

  • Best performing ad-zones will be those with the greatest visiblity to your viewers. If for example you have submitted a tube site consider in-video or next to video ad-zones.
  • If your site has lot’s of links maybe the popunder format would work better.
  • Banner ads are popular for all sites and should be considered for the header/footer or even the sides of your site where visitors will most likely see them.

2. Mobile traffic

  • If your site is optimised for mobile devices use the specific mobile ad formats which you can find on the “New ad-zone” list on the left hand side of the admin panel
  • Mobile popunder/mobile redirect and of course mobile banners are very popular and generate higher revenues
  • If you do not have a mobile version of your site but you would like one use a white label solution such as “MobileCashout

3. Analyse your statistics

  • Click on the statistics tab in your admin panel and you’ll see a whole range of options to review the performance of your site and ad-zones. You can see details of the countries/Devices/Browsers in additon to the earnings/impressions and clicks.
  • Use this data and determine if you should remove/change some of the ad-zones or even some changes to your website content or layout. You could even block countries from sending traffic if they generate low eCPM’s

4.Site quality

  • A site with a large amount of quality content and the right proportion of advertising will generate higher visits and therefore higher earnings.
  • Poorly constructed sites/low content or sites with too much advertising will not generate alot of earnings

5. Work your SEO

  • The more quality traffic you have, the more earnings you can make
  • By working on the quality of your traffic you could benefit from higher value advertising
  • To know more about our site approval conditions see here