Why am I not getting traffic on my campaign?

There are a number of possibilites that may prevent your campaign from receiving traffic:

  • Check your account balance: campaigns are stopped if there are not sufficent funds
  • Check the bid price: A campaign with a low bid could have been out-bid, and no or little traffic is sent.

Campaigns targeting high quality countries and/or popular adspots must have very competitive bids to be able to receive traffic and the prices change frequently as we operate in real time.

  • Check Banner/Adspot: if the banner size is not correct the campaign doesn’t run. You should always use an image banner size matching with the format chosen in the first step of your campaign creation.
  • Sold out if a spot/country is already sold out i.e. under an exclusive deal no traffic is available.
  • Popular adspots: spots that are used very often by the Publishers, and therefore are targeted very often by the advertisers (banner 300×250/728×90, popunder,..). Since there are a lot of advertisers targeting these spots, the traffic is difficult to get if the bid is not competitive.

Check also the campaign targeting:

  • How many impressions are available based on your campaign settings?
  • Have you chosen incompatible options e.g. targeting the Android operating system but only selecting iPhone in the device setting?
  • Is the bid price/budget too low or excessively high for the traffic you are targeting?
  • If a campaign is incorrectly using domain targeting, i.e. chosing a premium site in step 4 but excluding it in step 6 this will prevent the campaign from running.

Specific system settings:
The campaigns domain targeting settings have been capped: any campaign blocking or targeting more than 499 URLs will be automatically deactivated.