Bidding & traffic estimation


Your campaign(s) are in constant competition through our real time bidding system which is based on the calculation of the eCPM.  As a result, you should have a competitive bid to receive more traffic,  see our FAQ regarding Pricing models & eCPM

To check the top CPM/eCPM bid for RON campaigns in step “3-Confirguration and pricing” click on “View RON Top CPM” based on your targeting selections

To check the top CPM/eCPM bid for Premium campaigns in step “4-Sites targeting”, select the Premium spot you want to target, go to column “Top CPM” and click on “View”.  You will be need to match the top bid or beat it to get a higher volume of traffic

Traffic Estimation

When setting up a new campaign, you will see the traffic estimation box at the right side of the page. Here the available daily impressions are shown based on the settings you configured in your campaign.

Campaigns should receive traffic from the moment they run until either the daily budget has been reached or the campaign has been paused. (Note- it may take a short time for our servers to detect this so campaigns will continue running until the information reaches them).

High trafffic volumes or selecting popular countries to target will reduce the time it takes to use your budget so please be realistic with your settings!