Behavioural Retargeting

This feature is for targeting specific users who have already shown some interest in your product or brand through your campaign, i.e. already visited your product page but haven’t completed the “action” (conversion, sale…) just yet.

The goal of retargeting is to keep your brand visible for these high potential users and bring them back to your website until they are ready to buy.

To use this feature correctly, it’s necessary to use the tracking pixel consistently and to have run the campaign using this pixel for a minimum of 3 days before RETARGETING. The reason here is simple: if the users that see your campaigns have not been flagged by our pixel and fired with our cookie, you won’t be able to RETARGET them in a new campaign.

Each product is different, so to determine where you should retarget depends on the type of visitors you receive and to which page.  You may want to create different groups of retargeting campaigns. One group targeting the first page, such as the landing page, and another, targeting more frequent visitors like those who reached the payment page. In both cases, you should review the click through ratio and conversion rates.  Just remember normally no more than 3-4 targeting goals are needed.

1. Retargeting Options
When you re-target, you have to decide which users you want to reach

  • IGNORE: You ask the system to not consider if the user reached that retargeted page or not
  • POSITIVE: You ask the system to target users who have reached that retargeted page
  • NEGATIVE: You ask the system to exclude users who have reached that retargeted page

2. Retargeting and Bidding
As for all campaigns, the higher you bid, the more traffic you receive and your ads will be displayed higher in the ads rotation. We suggest to bid competitively to make sure to get the first impressions and to reach your retargeted visitors.

3. Retargeting Benefit
One key success of retargeting is when it’s more personalised in further steps, as an advertiser you could display a banner specificallycreated based on the visitors previous browsing behavior that would result in finally convicing them to buy your product
You should test banners and landing pages directed at people who already know your product, presenting them with a special offer for example. Play with it and perform different tests.

4. Retargeting with Mobile campaigns
In order to perform retargeting, our system uses cookies. As a result, it is hard to accomplish retargeting on mobile offers. You could still try using a normal pixel with the mobile offers in case some mobile device allows cookies.