Why was my website denied?

Because your channel didn’t follow our Guidelines.

All the websites registered in our network are verified manually by our support team. Please check our Guidelines to make sure that your website complies with our standards.

When checking your Sites List, in front of the “Inactive” status you will find ahe Details and you will be able to read the campaign rejection reason.

Here you have the explanation for each of these rejection reasons:

Poor content: your website might not bring enough content to be sufficiently balanced with the amount of ads.

Site unavailable/under construction: your website was not available at the moment of the sites’ checking.

Broken links/content unavailable: most of the links of your site were not directing correctly to the content at the moment of the sites’ checking.

Malicious content detected: your site has been flagged as “malicious” by one of our Security Filters.

Inconsistent, Incohesive design: your website design is not consistent enough to offer a good browsing experience to end-users.

Requires login/password to access the content: we have not been able to check the content of your site because of the restricted access.

Ads not fully visible: ExoClick ads are not shown correctly which might affect the user-experience and the advertisers results.

In-video ad not properly integrated: the in-video ad has not been integrated correctly and can provoke an excessive number of clicks on the ad.

Incentive ads/Incentive messages inviting to click ads: we do not allow methods that artificially generate impressions or clicks, placement of advertisements in order to induce clicks (see our Guidelines).

Too many ads/Popups: the number of ads/popups on your site is not sufficiently balanced with your sites’ content.

Forbidden content (see our Guidelines): the content of your site may be infringing one of the specific requirements of our Guidelines.

Forbidden content – Underaged models (see our Guidelines): your website displays content that is considered forbidden for staging minors.

Site’s Ownership Not Verified: as an example, someone claiming Facebook.com as his own.

Fraudulent traffic detected: the collected traffic data from your site show abnormal statistics evidencing forbidden methods (abusive use of our advertising, PTC, PTR, …)

Please note that an active website can be rejected at anytime. Websites are reviewed on a daily basis by our Customer Support Team. If a website was modified on purpose and does not follow our Guidelines, your website will be denied and your account blocked.

If you still do not understand why your website has been rejected, feel free to contact the Customer Service team submitting a ticket with your login and website URL.