Advanced targeting options

We now offer a wide selection of advanced targeting options:

  • Languages – Within a country you can now target specific languages where multiple languages are spoken e.g. Italian in Switzerland!
  • Browsers – Target specific browsers e.g. Chrome, Opera,etc
  • Operating Systems – Between Desktop OS options e.g. Windows 7/Linux or Mobile OS options e.g.Android or iOS
  • Mobile carriers – We have a selection of major carriers in various countries to choose from
  • Devices – Choose between Desktop/Mobile*/Tablets* /SmartTV* (*by manufacturer)

These are in addition to the standard targeting options Country/Format/and Category/Sub-Categories.

Note: Be careful not to choose incompatible options e.g. Choosing the Windows 7 OS with all mobile devices, such campaigns will be rejected for this reason.

Contact Customer Services for any doubts before creating such campaigns.