Reporting Advertisers/Publishers we work with

We take very seriously any complaints received involving acts of fraud or promoting the spread of computer viruses/Malware!!

Please click here select “Compliance Issues” from the drop down menu and tell us the following information:

  • Your ExoClick username (if applicable)
  • Your email address
  • Type of abuse
  • Which country were you connected to when detecting the issue
  • In the case of a particular ad, with your mouse, right click on the banner and copy the link address (the URL starting with…)
  • Attach relevant screenshots to better demonstrate the issue you have found

Please note: only report such cases if you can be sure the source originated from ExoClick and can provide sufficient information that will enable to us to take the appropriate action!  We are not responibile for Website content, unless the webmaster works with us directly AND has broken our guidelines you must discuss any concerns you have with them directly.

All copyright claims should be reported through the DMCA.