Grouping campaigns

This feature allows you to organise campaigns and put them into groups based on your own set of critieria. It is especially useful if you are managing a large number of campaigns.

For example you can could select grouping by country, type of product, device targeted or something else that will help you keep track of what you are doing

How to create a new group?

Go to your Admin Panel and click the Advertiser tab then Campaigns tab, on the filter for “group” you will find a “Manage Groups” link. Click here and you will enter the group management page.
You will be able to add/edit groups as many times as you want in order to create as many groups as needed. Note – Keep the group name short to ensure it’s fully visible in the campaign page

How to assign a campaign to a group?

In “Step 3-Configuration and Pricing” go the the field “Ad Group” and you can select the appropriate group from the drop down box. Once all the campaign’s settings are ready, click on “Save campaign”.

When checking the Campaigns page by default they will be lised by group name, however you can change this view by altering the filter “Display Type” to show the campaigns “All in one table” or get an overview of the performance of your campaigns by selecting “Global Report” which will show stats for the all your combined campaigns.