Getting started as a publisher

1. Sign up to create your Exoclick account

The sign up process is fast and 100% free, just click here.  A message will warn you if any further information is required.

2. Log into the Administration Panel

Two options are available: Advertiser or Publisher.
Click on the publisher tab. In this section you will be able to add your site/app (see below).

3. Add your website(s) or app

You must start by adding a site/app before creating an ad zone.
Click on “Adzones” and “New Site”. Complete the name and a brief description. Enter the full url e.g.  Select the main language of your site/app and a category that truly reflects the content

4. Create ad zones

Click “New Ad Zone”. Select the type of Ad zone you want to create and complete the required fields. Make sure to choose the corresponding site from the drop down menu. Following the type of ad you choose, you may have different ad specification to select (border, format). Then choose the relevant sub category then click “Save”.

5.Place the Ad Zone tag on your site/app

Copy and paste the full HTML tag into the <body> in the source code of your site/app, and save. Open your page in a web browser. Refresh the page if needed.
Note: Always make a backup of your pages before modifying them!

Congratulations!!  Advertising will appear on your site within the hour and you will start generating earnings.

6. Additional hints

If there are particular products you do not wish to see on your site you can block up to 3 groups or individual products.
The sub-category of your ad zone is important. Match the category of the ad zone with the content of your site to help maximise your earnings.