Why are your statistics different to mine?

Several reasons would explain such a discrepancy:

  • ExoClick counts raw impressions and passes them immediately i.e. no filtering. The page visited does not need to load fully for the impression to be counted on our platform.
  • If you use our tracking pixel, it counts 1 event per IP per 24 hours. So the same user, or users sharing a same IP address, will only be counted once.
  • External report tools normally require the browser of the site visitor, to process the page, and load all the elements, which can take anywhere from a few seconds to maybe 30+ seconds. depending how heavy the page is. This will impact the recording of the impression depending on the type of report you have and therefore tracked impressions may not be recorded.
  • Note that a tool like Google Analytics for example, counts sessions or visitors and not impressions.
  • Approx 30% of site visitors are using Adblock or “Private Mode” on their browser and this will impact many of the tracking tools being used today.
  • Your reporting tool may be filtered in various ways, please check if your filters are actually the cause of the discrepancy you are seeing.

In summary :
Different systems usually do not count the same things, ExoClick counts at an earlier step, and counts immediately. Whereas other tracking methods will be counted at a much later stage, which means it will not register the impressions in a lot of cases. Ad Blockers and Private Browsing usually will block those tracking methods and so they will not appear.

For anything else please contact us with specific information and a copy of your report.