Dynamic tokens or tags

ExoClick has dynamic tags that you can use to track interesting data through your URL and your own tracking system:

The actual CPM / CPC paid for each impression / click

ID of the campaign.

ID of the category detected.

Cost of click or impression.

3-char country code of the visitor.

Banner size. Example: 300×250.

The keyword that was matched in case of campaigns targeting specific keywords. Empty if there is no match.

Pricing model of the campaign. (1 = CPC, 2 = CPM, 3 = CPA, 4 = Smart CPM)

ID of the site where the ad is displayed.

Domain name where the ad is displayed.

The list of keywords that have been identified for that ad impression.

Timestamp, used as a cache buster.

ID of the variation. (Banner or landing page)

ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed.