Category/Niche targeting

We offer 3 main categories:

1) Adult- Targeting this category will provide you with traffic from sources containing Adult content.  In addition clicking this option will show sub-categories that correspond to Adult Niches e.g. Gay/BBW/Amateurs etc. Our contextual engine is based on these sub-categories and allows advertisers to target specific Adult niches.

2) Entertainment & Lifestyle

3) Streaming & File Sharing

Targeting these categories (and related sub-categories) will provide you with traffic from sources dealing with all the mainstream channels e.g. games, streaming, gambling, music, sports,etc…
These types of websites have a large audience, and are also visited by children. For this reason we do not allow Adult related campaigns to target these categories!

It’s important to be consistent for two main reasons:

  • The publishers of our network are also categorising their ad-spaces with these sub-categories and we cannot show the wrong content for a specific niche.
  • This engine is pretty efficient since it scans the URL of our publishers pages and detects the specific keywords associated to the niches targeted in advertisers campaigns.