Why can’t I see advertising on my site/app?

We aim to ensure that advertising appears at all times to continuously generate earnings for you.

On very rare occasions there may not be advertising in your specific geographic location at the time you checked.

Here are the normal reasons:

  • As our ads are geo-targeted, for a brief time there are no campaigns running for your ad zone format, or chosen category
  • Your site/app was declined as it did not meet our guidelines. (Inside your Admin panel go to Ad-zones>Sites to confirm this)

Some checks you can make to ensure ads run constantly on your site/app:

1. Make sure that you correctly copied and pasted the HTML tag and placed it in the source code of your page.
2. Make sure the size of the banner is correct and fits in your page. In the case of a pop under script, you may have a pop-up blocker activated.
3. Review the ad zone again in an hour to see if ads have returned
4. If still nothing please speak to our Customer Services team by selecting “Contact” at the top of this page.