• Pixel Tracking

    You’ll be able to see all the conversions tracked back in your ExoClick stats (columns “G1″, “G2″, …) All you need to do is place a tracking pixel tag in the body of your site on the specific page(s) you want to retarget e.g.(sign-up, sale,…). This tag will place a transparent cookie allowing ExoClick to retarget these potential customers when they browse other websites. The tracking pixels must be created... Read More

  • Will using the CloudFlare Rocket Loader on my website cause issues serving ads?

    There have been issues identified previously when running certain ad formats through Rocket Loader. To mitigate any issues you are advised that all ExoClick script tags should be ignored by the Rocket Loader. You can do this by adding the following attribute: data-cfasync=”false” before the src attribute of a given script tag. For more information please see: Read More

  • Why do I see discrepancies when targeting mobile carrier traffic?

    Identification of mobile carrier users (3G/4G) is a complex feature. We use both our own and third-party databases of IP addresses to identify carriers, and it requires constant maintenance.  Depending on the tool you are using, and how that tool is identifying users (IP addresses, ISP name...) you may see differences. For this reason we can not guarantee the accuracy of this identification. If you require 100% accuracy,  we suggest... Read More

  • Identifying your keywords

    There are 2 ways we can identify the category of your webpage so we can ensure to send you the most appropriate ads. 1) If a category matches with a word in the page URL So if your URL is e.g then keywords detected would be “big tits” and “voyeur”. 2) Tags/keywords that you can send us through the ad Zones.    Using the Standard <script> code for the ad... Read More

  • Using Sub IDs

    Why use the Sub ID function?   In addition to adding sites and ad zones you have the option to use the Sub_ID to segment your traffic e.g. by traffic source. This information is then displayed in your Admin Panel stats under the tab Sub IDs.   How to use this function is simple:   Option 1 If you use our Iframe code you need to add &sub=XXX to our... Read More

  • Keyword targeting

    Our new Keyword Targeting feature is designed to help advertisers reach relevant audiences with traffic­ driving keywords to lift their campaign's performance. Key functions of this feature include:-­ • Advertisers can input or block any keyword in any language • Keywords can be composed of single or multiple keywords e.g. milk chocolate • Keywords can be specific niches, names of people/celebrities, brands or products To use this feature simply enter... Read More

  • IP ranges targeting

    Our new IP Ranges Targeting allows advertisers to target or block specific IP addresses/ranges. This is particularly useful for 3/4G carrier targeting where advertisers can use additional IP ranges instead of/as well as ExoClick's current options. To use this feature simply enter each IP Range(s) on a separate line. To block items place a minus sign before the IP Range(s) you want to omit. You can find this option here:- Admin Panel... Read More

  • Why are there PayPal Limits?

    The PayPal limit exists because PayPal doesn’t offer guaranteed payments. As a company, we need to ensure that the payments we receive are secured against potential fraud. PayPal payments are limited to 3000 USD/EUR in a period of 30 days. For higher payment amounts, you should use Paxum, WebMoney or Wire Transfer payments and consider PayPal as a backup solution. Furthermore, these other options allow you to send larger amounts... Read More

  • VAT

    In order to comply with EU regulations, ExoClick applies VAT as follows: A 21% VAT is always applied to both individual and companies in Spain, with or without valid VAT number. Companies from EU countries that provide a valid VAT number are exempt of any VAT. (Contact Customer Services to verify it before sending funds) Individuals or companies from EU countries that can’t provide a valid VAT number are subject... Read More

  • What are the available payments methods?

    What are the available payments methods? Please note that we work on a prepayment account funding system. All the methods we offer you to fund your account, can be found on your dashboard under the "Payments" tab, you will also find our bank information there. Simply then click on the icon relevant to your preferred payment method. Wire transfer from 500 EUR/USD. On clicking the Wire transfer icon ensure you fill... Read More

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