• Our publisher referral program

    We encourage you to use a banner highlighting the referral program. You can find various banners with ad code you can use on your site, in your admin panel under Publishers and click the tab "Referral Program" Click here for tips on how to earn passive income from our referral program You will receive 5% of the revenue generated by the publishers you referred to us as a thank you,... Read More

  • How will I get my earnings/payments?

    Please also review our guidelines & don't forget our Publisher referral program We are happy you have considered ExoClick as a great way to generate revenues - we agree ;) Once you've submitted your site to us and set up the ad zones, we will do the rest! Provided your site(s) get accepted you are just 3 steps away from making money with us! You need to start generating revenue on... Read More

  • How can I set up my payments?

    When you log into your account first click the "my account" tab in the top right hand side. Ensure your contact and address details are completed. Next go to the right hand side of the page and you'll see a section "Publisher Payment Information". From here select your Payment Method /Minimum Payout/Payment terms and then click "Save modifications" If you then click the "Payments" tab and check the field "Due on... Read More

  • How to generate earnings with your mobile traffic

    As the range of mobile devices increases you should consider how best to monetise this valuable traffic. If your website is constructed for optimal mobile viewing you can take advantage of some popular ad-zones which will then give you the potential to generate even higher earnings, including mobile banners and mobile pop-unders. You now also have the possibility to add your mobile app to our network to take advantage of... Read More

  • Payment options

    There are various options to choose from.  For weekly payments paid each Monday if the minimum amount is reached by the start of the previous week (Net 7) select from: Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer minimum earnings must be 20 EUR/US DOLLARS WebMoney minimum earnings must be 200 EUR/US DOLLARS For monthly payments paid each 20th of the month if the minimum payment amount is reached at the end of the previous month... Read More

  • How can I increase my earnings?

    We will ensure your get the best possible earnings based on the site traffic you provide us with. However you can help to increase this further with some suggestions listed below. 1. What type of ad-zone and where to place it Best performing ad-zones will be those with the greatest visiblity to your viewers. If for example you have submitted a tube site consider in-video or next to video ad-zones.... Read More

  • How we optimise your earnings

    At ExoClick we don’t believe in secret formulas and our focus is on generating the maximum revenue for each single ad impression on your site(s) using our own unique algorithm. How does it work? Every ad is Geo-targeted. which means your visitors will see ads matching their own region and language. Automatically each campaign is checked and earnings are calculated based on a combination of the eCPM values. (Global eCPM,... Read More

  • How are earnings calculated?

    Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) is used to calculate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, regardless of the actual pricing model used by the advertiser (CPC, CPM, etc) For example using the pricing model Cost Per Click (CPC), the formula would be: Click Ratio (CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC) x 1.000 = eCPM To calulate publisher earnings the formula is: (Impressions /1.000) x eCPM Earnings that would be generated... Read More