• Will using the CloudFlare Rocket Loader on my website cause issues serving ads?

    There have been issues identified previously when running certain ad formats through Rocket Loader. To mitigate any issues you are advised that all ExoClick script tags should be ignored by the Rocket Loader. You can do this by adding the following attribute: data-cfasync=”false” before the src attribute of a given script tag. For more information please see: Read More

  • Why can’t I see advertising on my site/app?

    We aim to ensure that advertising appears at all times to continuously generate earnings for you. On very rare occasions there may not be advertising in your specific geographic location at the time you checked. Here are the normal reasons: As our ads are geo-targeted, for a brief time there are no campaigns running for your ad zone format, or chosen category Your site/app was declined as it did not... Read More

  • Ad-zone sub-categories

    When selecting the ad-zone sub category please consider that whatever you select will determine the priority of the advertising you will receive for that ad-zone. Our network uses a contextual engine that scans the URL of your page to show ads most closely related to the keywords displayed in your URL's. Be aware however that from time to time there may not be advertising that matches to the keywords on... Read More

  • Use of our ad zone codes

    The statistic tab on your admin panel, has been designed to provide you with detailed information regarding the performance of each ad-zone on your site(s) You can see a breakdown of their performance based on on a number of filters e.g. Countries/Device/Categories etc. To keep this data accurate you should keep your ad-zones unique and only use the coding to the site you have submitted to our network. If you... Read More