• Pixel Tracking

    You’ll be able to see all the conversions tracked back in your ExoClick stats (columns “G1″, “G2″, …) All you need to do is place a tracking pixel tag in the body of your site on the specific page(s) you want to retarget e.g.(sign-up, sale,…). This tag will place a transparent cookie allowing ExoClick to retarget these potential customers when they browse other websites. The tracking pixels must be created... Read More

  • Dynamic tokens or tags

    ExoClick has dynamic tags that you can use to track interesting data through your URL and your own tracking system: {actual_cost}: The actual CPM / CPC paid for each impression / click {campaign_id}: ID of the campaign. {category_id}: ID of the category detected. {cost}: Cost of click or impression. {country}: 3-char country code of the visitor. {currency}: Currency of the advertiser account. {format}: Banner size. Example: 300x250. {keyword}: The keyword that was matched in case of campaigns... Read More

  • Grouping campaigns

    This feature allows you to organise campaigns and put them into groups based on your own set of critieria. It is especially useful if you are managing a large number of campaigns. For example you can could select grouping by country, type of product, device targeted or something else that will help you keep track of what you are doing How to create a new group? Go to your Admin... Read More

  • Cost of aquisition tracking

    To understand this article, you must know how to create and use conversion tracking. If you don’t please read these FAQ's first: Conversion tracking & API server tracking COA = Cost Of Acquisition Once you have created your campaigns and implemented your tracking, you can further optimise your campaigns. Our system is designed to provide very detailed statistics such as your return on investment for each campaign, in real time!... Read More

  • Mobile conversion tracking

    Classic pixel tracking doesn't work most of the time. On many mobile offers the only way to track conversions is using a postback URL. Here is a complete guide on how to use the ExoClick conversion tracking API with Hasoffers which is an affiliate tracking solution.   STEP 1: Go to the Hasoffers Platform, in the offer details page. Add a subid to your tracking link, by clicking on the... Read More

  • Why are your statistics different to mine?

    Several reasons would explain such a discrepancy: ExoClick counts raw impressions and passes them immediately i.e. no filtering. The page visited does not need to load fully for the impression to be counted on our platform. If you use our tracking pixel, it counts 1 event per IP per 24 hours. So the same user, or users sharing a same IP address, will only be counted once. External report tools... Read More

  • Conversion tracking with API (Server to Server)

    If you are unsure how to implement these you should seek advice from an IT specialist! 1. Goal Setup: You must have at least one conversion goal generated via the option found on your Admin Panel under “Conversion tracking” If you don’t, simply create one. An html code will be generated automatically, here is an example:- <script type="text/javascript" src="" data-goal="d82c8d1619ad8176d665453cfb2e3s5f0"></script> The above html code can be used either for API... Read More