• Keyword targeting

    Our new Keyword Targeting feature is designed to help advertisers reach relevant audiences with traffic­ driving keywords to lift their campaign's performance. Key functions of this feature include:-­ • Advertisers can input or block any keyword in any language • Keywords can be composed of single or multiple keywords e.g. milk chocolate • Keywords can be specific niches, names of people/celebrities, brands or products To use this feature simply enter... Read More

  • IP ranges targeting

    Our new IP Ranges Targeting allows advertisers to target or block specific IP addresses/ranges. This is particularly useful for 3/4G carrier targeting where advertisers can use additional IP ranges instead of/as well as ExoClick's current options. To use this feature simply enter each IP Range(s) on a separate line. To block items place a minus sign before the IP Range(s) you want to omit. You can find this option here:- Admin Panel... Read More

  • How to target/block specific sites

    On any campaign in step 6 "Advanced Settings" you have a section called "Domains Targeting" In this section you can target or block up to 999 specific sites by name To block a site in front of it's name put a “-” (minus) as below e.g. If you want to specifically target a site(s) simply do so as per the examples below You can... Read More

  • How to optimise my campaigns

    What should I do first? For advertisers who are just beginning, you should run your campaign for a long enough time (normally 24hrs) to gather sufficent data. Check your ROI reports! What color do you see in your eCPA? Green: all is good. Orange: you must optimize your campaigns. Red: it's not working (wrong targeting, wrong price, wrong product). Advertising cost: Do you still have enough budget to keep your... Read More

  • How to use Frequency Capping

    FREQUENCY CAPPING STRATEGIES The Frequency Capping, on CPM campaigns is the number of times a unique visitor sees your ad. You are given the possibility to choose from 1 to unlimited impressions / unique visitor / 24h. Note that the frequency capping is set by campaign, not by ad. So if you have for example 10 banners and you set your freq. cap to 3/24 hours, the user will see... Read More

  • Does ExoClick offer Mobile Traffic?

    Yes. When setting up a new campaign in step 2 "Advanced Targeting" click on the various options you would like to include. We offer: Device detection – A wide range of mobile, tablet and Smart TV devices to choose from Carrier specific 3G/4G traffic for over 20 countries including such countries as UK, Brazil, France, India and many more Operation System targeting specifically for mobile e.g. Android, iOS This is... Read More

  • How are the ads rotated?

    Our system puts your campaigns in rotation in the network in a different way depending if you bid CPC or CPM: With CPC campaigns, you will receive more traffic to banners with the best CTR. With CPM campaigns, the traffic is rotated across all banners, but please keep in mind your campaign may stop and start at differing points in the rotation if your bid price is not always high... Read More

  • Can I set a specific time to run my campaign?

    Our platform has a day-parting feature to select the exact times of when you want your campaigns to run and in which time-zone. Simply set up your campaign as you would do normally, then click on the Advanced Settings tab (step 6) and you will see the Ad Schedule. Now you can choose the times and days you want to schedule your campaign to run. On the right hand side... Read More

  • Category/Niche targeting

    We offer 3 main categories: 1) Adult- Targeting this category will provide you with traffic from sources containing Adult content.  In addition clicking this option will show sub-categories that correspond to Adult Niches e.g. Gay/BBW/Amateurs etc. Our contextual engine is based on these sub-categories and allows advertisers to target specific Adult niches. 2) Entertainment & Lifestyle 3) Streaming & File Sharing Targeting these categories (and related sub-categories) will provide you... Read More

  • Behavioural Retargeting

    This feature is for targeting specific users who have already shown some interest in your product or brand through your campaign, i.e. already visited your product page but haven’t completed the “action” (conversion, sale…) just yet. The goal of retargeting is to keep your brand visible for these high potential users and bring them back to your website until they are ready to buy. To use this feature correctly, it’s... Read More

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