• Pricing models & eCPM

    We offer you 3 different pricing models: CPC = Cost paid per each click on the ad. CPM = Cost paid per 1.000 impressions (views) of the ad. Smart CPM = Maximum CPM you are willing to pay. The system will automatically adjust the price for it to be always competitive. eCPM With CPC, the eCPM will be determined by the bid price and the CTR. As a result, advertisers... Read More

  • Is there a list of sites?

    Our Premium sites are composed of the most frequently visited and high quality traffic sources on our network.  You can see the list of these sources and the relevant ad spots available per website and per country in our Marketplace. (Please note that you need to be logged into your account to see this page). The rest of the sites in our network are made up of thousands of active websites... Read More

  • Bidding & traffic estimation

    Bidding Your campaign(s) are in constant competition through our real time bidding system which is based on the calculation of the eCPM.  As a result, you should have a competitive bid to receive more traffic,  see our FAQ regarding Pricing models & eCPM To check the top CPM/eCPM bid for RON campaigns in step “3-Confirguration and pricing” click on “View RON Top CPM” based on your targeting selections To check... Read More

  • How soon will you approve my campaigns?

    ExoClick Customer Services is available 24/7 (except Public Holidays). Campaigns are reviewed in chronological order and the speed is determined by the volume received at any given time. Please be patient and only contact us about your campaign approval if: Campaign(s) are currently paused and therefore do not appear in the "automatic awaiting approval queue" Campaign(s) have previously been declined and you want to resubmit them again You have been... Read More

  • Why am I not getting traffic on my campaign?

    There are a number of possibilites that may prevent your campaign from receiving traffic: Check your account balance: campaigns are stopped if there are not sufficent funds Check the bid price: A campaign with a low bid could have been out-bid, and no or little traffic is sent. Campaigns targeting high quality countries and/or popular adspots must have very competitive bids to be able to receive traffic and the prices... Read More

  • About Smart CPM

    The smart CPM option bids for you at the best price possible. Just set the maximum CPM bid you can pay and then let our system bid for you 24/7. The system determines the lowest price you must pay to get the best position in the rotation of the campaigns up until your maximum bid price. Used wisely,smart CPM is a great tool since it saves time and guarantees the... Read More