• Identifying your keywords

    There are 2 ways we can identify the category of your webpage so we can ensure to send you the most appropriate ads. 1) If a category matches with a word in the page URL So if your URL is e.g then keywords detected would be “big tits” and “voyeur”. 2) Tags/keywords that you can send us through the ad Zones.    Using the Standard <script> code for the ad... Read More

  • Using Sub IDs

    Why use the Sub ID function?   In addition to adding sites and ad zones you have the option to use the Sub_ID to segment your traffic e.g. by traffic source. This information is then displayed in your Admin Panel stats under the tab Sub IDs.   How to use this function is simple:   Option 1 If you use our Iframe code you need to add &sub=XXX to our... Read More

  • Why was my website denied?

    Because your channel didn't follow our Guidelines. All the websites registered in our network are verified manually by our support team. Please check our Guidelines to make sure that your website complies with our standards. When checking your Sites List, in front of the "Inactive" status you will find ahe Details and you will be able to read the campaign rejection reason. Here you have the explanation for each of... Read More

  • Getting started as a publisher

    1. Sign up to create your Exoclick account The sign up process is fast and 100% free, just click here.  A message will warn you if any further information is required. 2. Log into the Administration Panel Two options are available: Advertiser or Publisher. Click on the publisher tab. In this section you will be able to add your site/app (see below). 3. Add your website(s) or app You must... Read More

  • How to get my website/app approved

    Each website or app that is submitted to us is manually checked by our Customer Services team to ensure that the content is within our guidelines- click here Before submitting your site ensure you have sufficent content that is already bringing you good quality traffic- newly constructed sites/apps for example will not have sufficent traffic volumes to satisify many of our advertisers and you should set your earnings expectations quite... Read More

  • Why choose ExoClick?

    There are several reasons why to choose ExoClick as your ad network: Ranked 4th biggest advertising network in the world we have a global presence for your traffic High earnings potential by matching the best performing advertisers to your ad-zones Realtime reporting, see your statisitics at anytime for an up-to-date assessment of your site/ad-zones performance Quality advertising, we work directly with advertisers to ensure only safe/compliant campaigns reach your sites... Read More