• Why do I see discrepancies when targeting mobile carrier traffic?

    Identification of mobile carrier users (3G/4G) is a complex feature. We use both our own and third-party databases of IP addresses to identify carriers, and it requires constant maintenance.  Depending on the tool you are using, and how that tool is identifying users (IP addresses, ISP name...) you may see differences. For this reason we can not guarantee the accuracy of this identification. If you require 100% accuracy,  we suggest... Read More

  • Getting started as an Advertiser

    1. Sign up to create your Exoclick account. Click here to create your free ExoClick account. Your account data (login and password) are automatically sent to your email. 2. Once you login to the ExoClick Administration Panel click on "My Account" and complete all the required fields. 3. Next Select "Advertiser" in this section you will be able to fund your account, create your campaigns and follow your statistics in... Read More

  • Changing the currency of the Account

    Currently there is no option to switch currencies in your Admin panel, however if you really need to change it you will have to do the following: 1)  Spend the remaining funds on your existing account 2)  To switch from EURO to USD: create a new account and initially set it to a non-European country (like USA) so we can allow you to use US Dollars. Once the account has... Read More

  • How much is it to advertise?

    You must complete the free signup form in order to see the prices, as we work with a real time bidding system so they will constantly change. On registering an account simply go to the Advertiser Admin Panel and select “New Campaign” from there on step 3 you can see the current top bid prices based on your targeting preferences. Alternatively click the link to "minimum prices" for the lowest rates... Read More

  • Can I get an Account Manager?

     Advertising Account Managers are assigned after you sign up with ExoClick and normally you should meet the following criteria: Funded your account with at least 30k per month or can provide specific information how you intend to increase your funding/advertising activity. Worked with us for a minimum period of 3 months Followed ExoClick guidelines when running campaigns on the network. If you believe you meet this critieria please contact Customer Services at or... Read More

  • Why was my campaign rejected?

    Without exception all advertisers need to follow our Guidelines. In addition some of our Premium Publishers have additional conditions if you chose to target them in your campaigns. When checking your Campaigns List, in front of the "Rejected" status you will find a tooltip and if you do a mouse-over you will be able to read the campaign rejection reason. Note: that an active (running) campaign can be rejected at... Read More