How to optimise my campaigns

What should I do first?

For advertisers who are just beginning, you should run your campaign for a long enough time (normally 24hrs) to gather sufficent data. Check your ROI reports!

What color do you see in your eCPA? Green: all is good. Orange: you must optimize your campaigns. Red: it’s not working (wrong targeting, wrong price, wrong product).

Advertising cost: Do you still have enough budget to keep your campaigns running? As soon as your budget is used, your campaigns will stop. If they were profitable, you are then losing money.


1. Bid type

Pricing Model:

With ExoClick, your campaigns are in constant competition through our bidding system. There are 3 different pricing models:

CPC = Cost paid per each click on the ad. With this pricing model, the advertiser should have BOTH a competitive bid AND generate a good CTR to receive more traffic.

CPM = Cost paid per 1.000 impressions (views) of the ad. With this pricing model, the more you bid, the more traffic you will receive.

Smart CPM = Maximum CPM you are willing to pay. The system will automatically adjust the price for it to always be competitive.  See also this FAQ


2. Frequency Capping

Note: This is only for CPM campaigns.

This setting allows you to restrict the number of times a unique visitor will see the ad per 24h. If a campaign has several banners, this capping will be effective for the campaign as a whole.

This setting has a direct and logical influence on the traffic volume that the advertiser will receive: the more times a unique user can see the ad, the more volume is received.

Remember, be realistic with your capping and consider the impressions you are targeting and the budget you are willing to spend, only raise the capping gradually in order to receive more traffic if your budget allows you to do so.

Read more on Frequency Capping here.


3. Price & budget

We suggest for CPC campaigns to bid at the minimum bid price

(check what this price is in step 3 and clicking the “minimum price link”)

If the traffic volume received is not enough, you can increase the bid gradually by steps of 10% until receiving the expected traffic volume. If you want to secure large traffic volume you should bid in top position.

You also need to determine your daily budget then start creating your campaigns

You should also take care of correctly setting the global account daily budget found under “My account”. Set it sufficently high enough to cover the total of your campaign(s) individual daily budget.


4. Marketing Material

Bear in mind that on-line advertising is extremely competitive, and as a result innovative designs and fresh ideas is the key to keep attracting site visitors to your advertising.

Your text and/or banners must match with the appropriate landing page(s) for a better visitor experience and therefore better conversion ratios.

Try to reduce the number of pages between your banner and the actual product conversion page.

Half of the conversions come from the traffic, the other half from the marketing itself.

Remove those creatives/Landing Pages that did not convert, and update all your materials frequently to attract established site visitors

Always keep your banners fresh by updating them regularly to prevent drops in conversions